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Translators (Input)
CADbro/Z3 File (Z3D, Z3, VX, Z3PRT, Z3DRW)
IGES,STEP,VDA,STL,VRML Files (igs, iges, step, stp, vda, stl, wrl)
ACIS Files (sat, sab, asat, asab)
Parasolid Files (x_t, x_b, xmt_txt, xmt_bin)
Graphic Format Files (cgr, xcgm, 3dxml)
DWG/DXF Files (dwg, dxf)
Part Solution 3D Files (ps3)
NX Files (prt)
CREO/PROE Files (prt, asm)
CATIA V4, V5 Files (model, exp, session, CATPart, CATProduct)
CATIA V5 Drawing Files (CATDrawing)
SolidEdge Files (par, asm, psm)
Solidworks Files (sldprt, sldasm)
Solidworks Drawing Files (slddrw)
Inventor Files (ipt, iam)
STEP242 Compress File (stpz)
Translators (Output)
CADbro/Z3 File (Z3D, Z3)
IGES,STEP,VDA,STL,VRML Files (igs, iges, step, stp, vda, stl, wrl)
ACIS Files (sat, sab)
Parasolid Files (x_t, x_b)
DWG/DXF Files (dwg, dxf)
Image Files (bmp, gif, png, jpg, tif)
Graphic format Files (cgr, xcgm, 3dxml)
OBJ file (obj)
Webview file (html, htm)
CATIA V4, V5 Files (model, CATpart, CATProduct)
Main Module
View (View Angle, Zoom, Visibility Control, Display, Screen, Windows, Rotation)
Selection (Pick Control, Pick Rule, Pick Scope)
Tools (Dimension, Curve Drawing, Attributes, Dynamic Section View, Capture, Assist Tools)
Analyze (Measure, Inspect Entity, Inspect Model)
PMI (3D Dimension, 3D Anotation, Text)
Healing (Checking, Healing Tools)
Edit (Direct Edit, Shape Transform, Part Transform)
Pro Functions
Assembly (Inteference/clearance checking, Compare parts, Exploded View, Exploded View Video, 3D BOM)
Mold (Draft chekcing, Project Sihouette, Thickness, Align, Shrikage, Color Region, Undercut, Height Analysis)
2D Drawing
Auto Layout, Standard/Projection/Auxiliary/Full Section/Detail/Crop view, Dimension, Drawing, Inquire
Upload file, Configuration file
Manage file, Create and share file link/QR code, File version revision, Recover delete file
Collaboration (Team&project management; Create, pause, leave collaboration; Part state share; Online chat; Playback)

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