CADbro 2024 -- Published: Dec. 2023

Optimized Translator

-Support the latest versions of third-party file formats, including NX® 2212, SolidWorks® 2023 (including drawing sheets), SolidEdge® 2023, Creo® 9.0 and Inventor® V2023.


Support of PMI Conversion in JT and STEP Formats

-Support the import and export of PMI in JT and STEP formats. Product manufacturing information on 3D models including dimension, tolerance, datum, and roughness is retained to deliver clear design intentions to engineers.


Extension of File Path Length

-The maximal length of file paths is extended to 259 characters, ensuring smooth operation when you create, open, save, import and export files with long file paths.


Optimized Measurement Functions

-A new measurement method for vectors and datum planes is added to the “Angle” function.

-Selecting an axis as the measurement object is supported in the "Measure" function.


Optimized Quality Query Efficiency

-Optimized the quality query mechanism for surface models containing a large number of control points.


Real-Time Display of Element Information

-A new "Real-time display of element information" function is added. When it is turned on, the physical attribute information of the geometry will be shown in the lower right corner of the model display area. Information might vary depending on the selected geometry type. This function is turned off by default.

CADbro 2023 -- Published: Aug. 2022

Optimized Translator

        - Support newer versions of file formats.

        - Add “Specify part or assembly” into Step File Import to meet different needs.

Optimized Datums

        - Automatically create datum plane, datum axis, datum CSYS to increase efficiency.

Optimized Analysis

        - Add a thickness analysis method Ball Rolling to increase the efficiency and accuracy of wall thickness analysis.

        - Add part interference check to reduce errors and rework.

        - Support “Maximum Distance Measure” to meet different needs.

Optimized Exploded View

        - Add “Record moving turn point”, “Select subassembly part” and “Add trails” to create the desired explosion effect.

        - Add “Auto Explode” to improve efficiency.

        - Add “Add Auto Exploded Trail” to improve efficiency.

Optimized Usability

        - Customizable Mouse Gesture improves operation efficiency.

Optimized File Dialogue Box

        - Support Search, Quick Filter and Shortcut Folder to find whatever you need in less time.

Optimized Display

        - Add “Line width” to the Section command for various display effects

        - Support more colors (from 18 standard colors to 240 index colors) for various display effects.

CADbro 2022 -- Published: Apr. 2021

Upgraded Translator 
-Support Inventor® 2021
-Improved STEP Import Speed
New "View Cube" 
New "Helpdesk" Tab
New "Project shape to plane" command
Enhanced "Continuity Error" Check
New Trial Mechanism

CADbro 2021 -- Published: Sept. 2020

·    Upgraded Translator

        - Support Catia® V5R2020

        - Support NX® 1899

        - Support Creo® 6.0

        - Support SolidWorks® 2020

        - Support SolidEdge® 2020

        - Support Invertor® 2020

        - Support ACIS V2020 1.0

        - Support STPZ 242

        - Enhanced Quick Import

        - Delete “Quick View” import mode

·    New Coordinate System

·    New Datum Axis

·    New Clearance Check

·    Enhanced 3D BOM

        - Read the part attributes of the 3rd-party files

·    Enhanced functions in CADbro Cloud

        - Share files by QR code

        - Enhanced file compression

        - New Show/Hide button

        - Support exploding models by user-defined sequence

        - Language: Support Korean

CADbro 2020-- Published: Dec 2019

Upgraded Translator

    - Support Catia V5R2019

    - Support Siemens NX 12.0

    - Support SolidWorks 2019

    - Support SolidEdge ST11

    - Support Parasolid V31.0

New Collaboration function

    - Host an online meeting

    - Share views

    - Add dimensions and annotation

    - Chat with collaborators

    - Playback

New 3D Bom

New rotation tools

Optimized Icon for better user experience

Renew the workflow in CADbro Cloud

New functions in CADbro Cloud

    - New View Cube

    - New right-click menu

    - Support dragging components

    - Support unit switcher

    - Support hierarchical exploded view

CADbro 2019 SP-- Published: May 2019

Upgraded Translator

    - Improved quality of Catia/Solidworks 2D drawing import

Optimized Dimension Display

    - Online Linear Dimension

    - Better dimension display management

    - Improved display effect

Improved 2D Drawing Functions

    - Auto Dimension

    - Inherit PMI


    - Toggle Entity Transparency

    - Removed “Feature” filter option from Simplify, Mirror shape

    - Rebuilt the rule of view manager

Current Version CADbro 2019-- Published: Jan 2019

Upgraded Translator

    -Support Catia V5R2018

    -Support Creo 5.0

    -Support Invertor 2019

    -Support Parasolid V30.0

    -Support lightweight formats

New CADbro Cloud-online services

    -Upload 3D files to the cloud

    -Manage 3D files in the cloud

    -Share 3D file via links

New solid compare

Upgraded 2D sheet

    -Add more types of view: standard, project, section, detail and crop view


    -New cylinder bounding

    -Support HTML file with password

    -Import DWG file with 3D model

    -Optimized Icon for better user experience

CADbro 2018 SP2

New Height Analysis & Height Analysis Result

New Undercut Analysis

Enhanced dimension display management

Enhanced HTML output

Enhanced section view result

New measure function

Dimension output in HTML format

New associated format setting

CADbro 2018 SP1

Updated translator

    - Support Solidworks 2018

    - Support Solidedge ST10

    - Support Invertor 2018

    - Support 2D drawing of Solidworks 2013-2018

    - Support 2D drawing of Catia V5 R8-R2017

    - Enhanced IGS/STEP file import/export

    - New option in DWG/DXF output

New html file

New dimension tools

Enhanced model display

Optimized compare part

New physical attribute query

CADbro 2018

Updated translator

    - Support Siemens NX11

    - Support Creo 4.0

New multi-import

Enhanced direct edit

Optimized dynamic section view

Improved PMI

Smart measurement

New Markup

Support online update

Application language can be changed after installation

Support saving label when checking draft and thickness