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ZWSim-Structural 2024

  • Analysis Types

    Analysis Types

    • Added random vibration analysis;

    • Added fatigue analysis (constant amplitude, variable amplitude, harmonics, time steps, random vibration); 

    • Added drop test; 

    • Added MoldFlow mapping result analysis.

  • Element Type

    Element Type

    • Added beam and shell offset functions;

    • Added cable element.

  • Nonlinear Analysis

    Nonlinear Analysis

    • Added large displacement analysis of beam element;

    • Added large strain analysis of solid element;

    • Added large deformation analysis of new dynamic rigid element; 

    • Supports non-coordinated hexahedral element algorithm and load stiffness calculation; 

    • Supports viewing real-time convergence curves and energy curves.

  • Various Contact Functions

    Various Contact Functions

    • Added small slip and large slip contact functions;

    • Added friction contact function;

    • Added thermal resistance contact function.

  • Connection


    • Added bolt connections, rigid rod connections, spot welding connections, and pin connections;

    • Added symmetrical constraints and elastic supports.

  • Material Types

    Material Types

    • Added linear elastic orthotropic material;

    • Added linear elastic anisotropic material.

  • Load


    • Added thermal effect load;
    • Added internal heat generation;
    • Added enforce motion.

  • Geometric Simplification

    Geometric Simplification

    • Supports automatic identification and repair of narrow surfaces, self-intersection surfaces, small surfaces, small edges, and open edges;

    • Supports automatic identification and simplification of holes, cylindrical surfaces, and logos;

    • Added automatic identification and simplification of holes, cylindrical surfaces, and logos.

  • Mesh Repair

    Mesh Repair

    • Supports repair 2D and 3D intersecting elements;

    • Supports fill 3D mesh through 2D mesh;

    • Supports repair the direction of 2D elements;

    • Supports repair 2D narrow elements.

  • Mesh Edit

    Mesh Edit

    • Added mesh translation, rotation, and sweeping functions;

    • Supports manual creation of elements;

    • Added node merging function.

  • Post-Processing


    • Support results display along the path;

    • Supports viewing mode quality participation factors and frequency response charts; 

    • Supports result feature line display and wireframe display.

  • Large-Scale Simulation

    Large-Scale Simulation

    • Optimized the memory consumption of large-scale constraint equations;

    • Improved the calculation efficiency of large-scale model matrices; 

    • Improved the efficiency of importing and exporting large-scale BDF files.

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