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ZW3D 2025

  • Advanced Pattern Features

    Advanced Pattern Features

    A 30% boost in pattern feature execution efficiency, ensuring smoother design workflows.

  • Optimized Material and Appearance Libraries

    Optimized Material and Appearance Libraries

    Efficiently manage and reuse materials and appearances across the platform, reducing repetitive material definitions.

  • New Command Advisor Powered by AI

    New Command Advisor Powered by AI

    Intelligently recommends next operations based on user habits, keeping you focused on design.

  • Streamlined Large Assembly Handling

    Streamlined Large Assembly Handling

    Large assembly efficiency boosted by over 50%, enhancing frequent operations like insertion, constraint, pattern, move and zoom, etc.

  • Intuitive Assembly Link Tree

    Intuitive Assembly Link Tree

    Visualize assembly relationships through a networked tree structure, with four query modes for swift scope locking and clear file reference.

  • New Assembly Animation

    New Assembly Animation

    The new timeline feature in the assembly animation module for efficient global key frame management, editing and real-time previews.

  • New AI-driven Model Match

    New AI-driven Model Match

    Intelligently searches and identifies matching models, accelerating product design.

  • New Motion Simulation Modules

    New Motion Simulation Modules

    Streamlined creation of motion mechanisms facilitates dynamic interference checking, trajectory simulation, and generation of motion data tables with efficiently.

  • Elevated 2D Drawing Projection

    Elevated 2D Drawing Projection

    New discrete projection technology for engineering drawings, with over 90% faster projection speeds for large files.

  • Improved Processing Strategies

    Improved Processing Strategies

    Experience more precise commands for corner finishing and rest roughing, enhancing overall processing efficiency.

ZW3D 2024

  • New Rendering Engine

    New Rendering Engine

    It improves the efficiency of processing multi-solid, large assemblies and complex toolpath models.

  • STEP Translation Improvement

    STEP Translation Improvement

    It can save PMI to a STEP file or import PMI from a STEP file.

  • Sketch Enhancement

    Sketch Enhancement

    Pattern and offset constraints can be grouped. After deleting bowties, constraints remain, making modification easier.

  • Chordal Fillet and Face Fillet

    Chordal Fillet and Face Fillet

    Chordal Fillet and Face Fillet are added to extend surface modeling capabilities.

  • Enhanced Pattern Operations

    Enhanced Pattern Operations

    The efficiency of generating Pattern features is improved by 80%, helping you complete complex product design faster.

  • 2D Drawing Improvement

    2D Drawing Improvement

    Group Annotation is applicable to baseline, continuous and ordinate annotations and their placement is more intelligent. Annotations in the sketch environment can be inherited to the 2D drawings.

  • Layout-based Top-down Design

    Layout-based Top-down Design

    The master layout is added to the assembly design, linking all design phases from top to down and standardized design logic.

  • Gear Generator

    Gear Generator

    It helps you generate spur gears, bevel gears and worm gears as parts or assemblies quickly.

  • Structure Module

    Structure Module

    It offers various standard and non-standard profile types. It can quick modify structure's joint types, add profile elements, and generate a structural cutting list.

  • Piping Improvement

    Piping Improvement

    Display and creation of pipes, and the drawing of piping spools are optimized. ISO drawing is added to guide pipe construction better.

  • Harness Module

    Harness Module

    It helps you quickly add, arrange, modify and manage harnesses, allowing you to complete product design in less time.

  • Fatigue and Random Vibration Analysis

    Fatigue and Random Vibration Analysis

    Two newly-added analysis types help you evaluate product lifecycles and optimize product design.

  • Lathe Tool Improvement

    Lathe Tool Improvement

    The Create Tool interface is optimized for a better user experience. ISO standards for inserts are added to standardize turning programming logic.

  • QuickMill™ Large Step-over Roughing Improvement

    QuickMill™ Large Step-over Roughing Improvement

    It avoids missing processing during large step-over roughing, improves machining accuracy and efficiency, and prolongs tool life.

  • Enhanced Pencil and Corner Finishing

    Enhanced Pencil and Corner Finishing

    Algorithms for pencil and corner finishing are optimized to improve recognition accuracy and generate more proper toolpaths.


ZW3D 2023

  • Friendlier User Experience

    Friendlier User Experience

    Instead of looking for commands in the menu, you can add them in the new Mouse Gestures and Shortcut Bar; there is a smarter way to add constraint inferences as well.

  • G3 Surface Continuity

    G3 Surface Continuity

    Another breakthrough has been achieved—G3 continuous surfaces can now be created for product designs of higher quality.

  • More Efficient Patterns

    More Efficient Patterns

    With big time-savers such as Instance Parameter Table and Variable Spacing Table, you can modify parameter/variable values quickly for every pattern feature.

  • Enhanced Exploded View Features

    Enhanced Exploded View Features

    Several new functions have been added to accelerate the creation of exploded views, such as Exploded Trail and Reuse Exploded View.

  • Handier Sheet Metal Features

    Handier Sheet Metal Features

    The Sheet Metal module is now handier with different types of Lofted Flange commands and an overall more convenient design environment.

  • Structural Simulation

    Structural Simulation

    The newly available ZW3D Structural add-on allows you to perform structural statics/dynamics, modal, and heat transfer analyses so that product designs can be improved accordingly.

  • Optimized Mold Design Module

    Optimized Mold Design Module

    Creating molds is now much easier thanks to the more intuitive mold design process and a variety of new standard parts.

  • Faster QuickMill™ Rough Operation Calculation

    Faster QuickMill™ Rough Operation Calculation

    The calculation of QuickMill™ rough operations has been speeded up, cutting the time needed by 70% on average and greatly raising your efficiency.

  • Strengthened Full Machine Simulation

    Strengthened Full Machine Simulation

    Full Machine Simulation has been upgraded to cater to more diversified and more complicated machining needs. 

ZW3D 2022

  • Single Root Object Mode

    Single Root Object Mode

    The single root object mode is now more user-friendly for you to create and manage object files easily, and even integrate them into the PLM system.

  • G3 Continuity

    G3 Continuity

    G3 continuous curves can now be created so that your design becomes fairer and streamlined.

  • Piping Design Module

    Piping Design Module

    With this newly added module, it is more convenient than ever to design pipes with flexible routing ways, a vivid display of flow direction, rigorous specifications, powerful editing functions, etc. (not available in some countries/regions)

  • Optimized Step File Parsing

    Optimized Step File Parsing

    The parsing of .step files has been remarkably advanced. When importing, it takes nearly 50% less time on average; when exporting, the parsing of geometries is enhanced.

  • Smart Measure

    Smart Measure

    The new Smart Measure provides you with all the basic info of almost any object clearly in the Part and Assembly environments.

  • Improved Command Workflow

    Improved Command Workflow

    The workflow of many commands has been improved. Take Fillet as an example, a single fillet feature records all the fillets in the entire model, tidying up the modeling history.

  • Flatten


    The new Flatten command allows sheet metal designers to observe the real-time flattening effect of the sheet metal and generate relevant 2D drawings more quickly.

  • Speedy QuickMill Toolpath Calculation

    Speedy QuickMill Toolpath Calculation

    Thanks to the multithread parallel calculation technique, the generation of QuickMill toolpaths was accelerated by about 50%.

  • Upgraded Full Machine Simulation

    Upgraded Full Machine Simulation

    Not only can the milling NC code of Siemens® and Heidenhain® be simulated, but also a 5-axis Head A on C Type Machine has been added.

ZW3D 2021

  • Arc Fit

    Arc Fit

    Available in 2-axis Milling, 5-axis Milling and Surface Engraving, Arc Fit helps generate toolpaths of higher precision, delivering more accurate machining results.

  • Export Operation List to Excel

    Export Operation List to Excel

    The CAM Operation List now can be exported to Excel with customizable templates. You can also show or hide the coordinate in the Excel.

  • Upgraded Full Machine Simulation

    Upgraded Full Machine Simulation

    Full Machine Simulation has been upgraded with the newly-added Machine Builder, CNC Controller, Machine Register, various measuring tools, etc.

  • ECAD


    The ECAD module is added for mechatronic design. You can import or export IDF files and set regions for Routing, Placement, Via, etc.

  • New Assembly Features

    New Assembly Features

    Assembly work gets easier with Clearance Check to guarantee safe distance, Batch Attribute Edit to add attributes to multiple components all at once, etc.

  • New Sheet Metal Features

    New Sheet Metal Features

    Fillets and open faces can now be set in Punch. You can also punch a shape from an external z3prt file. What’s more, the radius of flanges can be set as zero to satisfy special needs.

  • New Sketch Features

    New Sketch Features

    Enjoy your sketch work with Equal Curvature Constraint for higher-quality curves and surfaces, Cosmetic Sketch with symbols and shape marks, etc.

  • New Modeling Features

    New Modeling Features

    Cross Trim to trim and sew multiple surfaces at the same time, G2 Blend to get smoother fillets and blend faces, etc. are available for better modeling experience.

  • Datum Axis

    Datum Axis

    Datum Axis is now supported to facilitate sketch design, modeling, PMI dimensions and assembly constraint, increasing friendliness for your design work.

ZW3D 2020

  • Flange with Profile

    Flange with Profile

    The shape of flanges can be customized freely in one sketch environment, significantly simplifying and accelerating the modeling process.

  • Enhanced Assembly

    Enhanced Assembly

    The logic of constraint status is more reasonable, allowing the well-defined components to be moved within a specific range.

  • Auto Drafting

    Auto Drafting

    2D drafts for multiple components or assemblies can be generated in batches. What’s more, the sheet, view layout, dimension and table can also be customized.

  • New Cooling Loop

    New Cooling Loop

    Cooling systems can be created and modified more flexibly. And all parameters can be adjusted under a dynamic preview.

  • Tools for Standard Parts

    Tools for Standard Parts

    More tools have been added to create and modify standard parts easily and efficiently, such as Positive Screw, Locating Rings, Wedge Lock, etc.

  • Updated Electrode Module

    Updated Electrode Module

    Electrode Blanks in Batches, Dynamic Circle, Bill of Electrodes, Electrode Attribute, Electrode Engraving, etc. are available for more efficient EDM design.

  • Full Machine Simulation

    Full Machine Simulation

    Full Machine Simulation can simulate the actual machining process by taking the kinematic models of machines into account, which can detect potential issues and ensure manufacturability.

  • 3D Equidistant Step Size

    3D Equidistant Step Size

    In 3X milling, 3D equidistant step size has been realized in Z level operation, delivering more accurate machining toolpaths.

  • Faster Batch Calculation

    Faster Batch Calculation

    Multi-core can be used to process batch calculation, significantly shortening the calculation time, especially for complicated tasks.

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