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ZWCAD MFG is an advanced CAD solution for manufacturing professionals to improve design standardization and efficiency.

Built on the powerful ZWCAD platform, it enables users to create standardized, high-quality designs easier and faster by offering an extensive library of standard parts, intelligent drawing tools and other productivity-enhancing features. Moreover, it can be seamlessly integrated into PLM systems to achieve efficient management throughout the product lifecycle.


Create standard drawings with an extensive library of standard parts

Quickly create drawings compliant with national and international standards, including ISO, EN, DIN, ANSI, ASME, PN, IS, JIS, and GOST. From bolts to screws, and rivets to studs, we have all the parts you need for any project.

  • JIS
  • ISO
  • ANSI
  • EN
  • DIN

Speed up your design process with intelligent tools

Automate and accelerate your design workflow with a rich set of drawing tools, intelligent annotation tools, an extensive symbol library and automatic BOMs associated with ballons and part properties.

Unify design standards across your team with customizations

Build your own templates with customizable border frames, part library, dimension styles, fonts, technical requirements, and more. By having unified standards from start to finish, every member of your team is on the same page in all projects.

Manage data and collaborate better through PLM integration

It can quickly achieve a high level of integration with popular PLM systems, such as Teamcenter® and Windchill®2. By integrating it into your existing system, you can manage your data more efficiently and collaborate with your team better.

Benefits of Using ZWCAD MFG

We conducted a comprehensive comparison between ZWCAD and ZWCAD MFG, using a hand pump as an example to perform common design tasks from drafting to detailing. The results revealed that ZWCAD MFG significantly boosted productivity by 51% compared to ZWCAD3.

  • Project tasks
  • Part 1: Set up frame
  • 00:34
  • 01:44
  • Part 2: Modify design
  • 02:22
  • 03:18
  • Part 3: Create part drawing
  • 03:25
  • 05:44
  • Part 4: Create assembly drawing
  • 01:50
  • 05:58
  • Total Time
  • 08:11
  • 16:44
  • Efficiency Improvement
  • 51%

(Figures shown in minutes and seconds)

  • 01
  • 02
  • 03
  • 04

They Choose Us

It is highly compatible with popular CAD software and runs smoothly even when you open multiple windows. Its part library is very huge and practical. You can directly use the parts in the library without having to draw them from scratch. This really lightens the load of our drawing work.


Technical Department

It boosts our design efficiency while cutting down on the expenses of software procurement and implementation.

Guangqiang Wang

Head of IT Department

It offers some unique functions that enhance our workflow, such as intelligent annotation, super card and detail view. the BOMs generated by it can seamlessly interact with PDM and ERP systems. This really boosts design efficiency.

Chief Engineer

Design Department

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3. Performance tests are measured using specific machines, operating systems, hardware, system configurations and materials. Any change to any of those factors may cause the results to vary.