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  • Frames & Title Blocks

    Frames & Title Blocks

    It supports many common standards and customization. Frames can be quickly modified, and dimension scales will be automatically updated.

  • Balloons & BOMs

    Balloons & BOMs

    Balloons can be created in one click and associated with BOMs. Once the balloons are created, the BOMs will be automatically generated.

  • Power Dimension

    Power Dimension

    Intelligently identify objects and generate appropriate dimensions such as lengths, diameters, and angles. No need to frequently switch commands.

  • Symbol Annotation

    Symbol Annotation

    Easily create symbols such as surface texture, geometric tolerance and welding symbols. It supports direct editing by double-clicking and saving parameters as templates.

  • Chamfer Dimension

    Chamfer Dimension

    Choose from a variety of dimension styles for flexibility in your designs. Quickly generate dimensions by selecting chamfer lines.

  • Hole Chart

    Hole Chart

    Quickly identify the coordinates and dimensions of selected holes and generate hole feature charts tailored to your specific needs.

  • Drawing Tools

    Drawing Tools

    Boost drawing efficiency with over 40 drawing tools including Smart Line, Center Line, Mirror Line, Hatch and more.

  • Construction Tools

    Construction Tools

    Speed up your workflow with over 20 construction tools including Formula Curve, Fillet, Chamfer, Const Recess, Hole Array and more.

  • Detail View

    Detail View

    Create enlarged views of certain sections of parts in one click. Detail views will be updated automatically when parts are modified.

  • Super Card

    Super Card

    It offers common card templates and supports customization, so you can easily create tables and generate required summary tables and process cards.

  • Standard Part Library

    Standard Part Library

    It supports over 10 national and international standards with over 400,000 standard parts. You can generate part views easily by selecting parameters.

  • Super Symbol Library

    Super Symbol Library

    It offers many common mechanism symbols, including motion symbols, hydraulic pneumatic symbols, electrical symbols and metal structure part symbols.

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