Release Notice of ZWCAD+ 2012

Today, an updated version of ZWCAD+(vernum=2012.12.14(8707)) was released with fundamental bug fixes and feature improvements. This new version has improved stability, increased ease of use and advanced localization, which gives users a more fluid experience. With these updates, designers will be able to better take advantage of the new and superior kernel and complete their work faster and more efficiently.
• Stability
Fixed 70% of received Crash reports
Optimization from the code-level based on the rest of Crash reports
Fixed ALL known crash issues that can be reproduced
• Feature Improvements
Supports opening AutoCAD-encrypted drawing with password
Shift key can be used to temporary turn on/off Ortho mode when creating entities
RECTANGLE command now supports Area and Rotation option
PEDIT command now supports Reverse and Taper option
ETRANSMIT command now includes fonts and plot style files
AREA command now with area border and background
Multi-monitor support (ZWCAD+ can be maximized in secondary monitor)
Operation speed of un-rotated raster image was improved
• Ease of Use
Text of Status bar toggles buttons are replaced with icons
Tools ->Customize now available in ZWCAD menu, with Edit Program Parameters (ZWCAD.pgp) option
Options dialog box now includes the setting to switch user interface between Ribbon and Classic (under User Preference tab)
Progress bar is now displayed in Status bar as default (can be controlled by PROGBARTYPE variable)
• Documentation
Help document now includes ZWCAD+ 2012 New Feature introduction
Developer Help document now available with four parts: ZRX\LISP\DCL
P423: Text displays incompletely in Paragraph dialog box [Portuguese version]
P474: DIMARC command translation issue [Japanese version]
P491: XOPEN command is missing in Help doc
P492: SPELL command information issue in Help doc
P495: OVERKILL dialog box displays error text [Traditional Chinese version]
P496: ConversionOleID UI displays error text [Traditional Chinese version]
P498: OVERKILL dialog box translation issue[Japanese version]
• Installation and Activation
ZWCAD+ desktop icon now supports “Open file folder”, “Change icon” and “Target” settings
Support DWG/DXF thumbnail preview
Separated MSI package for fonts installation
ZwConversionOleID.exe was added under installation folder for OLE conversion
ZwCrashReportManagement.exe was added inbothinstallation folder and Start menu for Crash report management
Fixed the problem of Network Soft-key License that clients cannot get floating license from server
• Licensing
Added LISP function for getting soft-key license code
Added LISP function for getting product version
Fixed some bugs related with soft-key/dongle activation
• App+
Added App+ tab on Ribbon in all multi-lingual version
• Important Bug Fixes
3013/T5569:Crash when using viewport scale dropdown box on toolbar in layout
[A bunch of IDs]: Crash when open a series of DWG files
3081/T5615: Crash when snap to certain Xref files
2833/T5418, 3112/T5633: Crash when purge\explode in some drawings
1546, 2593, 2594, 2964, 3015/T5575, 3078/T5619: Hatch scale and Hatch area calculation problem
523: Area command cannot calculate area and perimeters of hatch
2190: Dimjogline doesn’t have grip points
2215/T2298:Layer filter result cannot be applied to Layer toolbar
2374/T5221: Palettes cannot be resized manually
2597: OLE objects cannot be plotted
2712/T5332: Select multiple layout to publish is not working
2870: Multi-lingual text displayed as “?” in table imported
3254/T5725: Home and End key is not working when editing single-line text
2856/T5423: Delete default palettes in tool palettes will cause ZWCAD+ reconfiguration on next start
2937/T5503: IMAGEFRAME settings not working in Traditional Chinese version
2939/T5523: MOVE command gives wrong result in certain drawings
3000/T5458, 3137/T5671:Mleader objects in some drawings displayed wrong
3016/T5559: Raster image inserted with scale 1 displayed as scale 10
3142/T5647: System variable RTDISPLAY is not working
3082/T5614: Layer information of Xref files was not listed in layer manager
2875/T5177: LISP: Auto load for COM interface
2977/T5293: LISP: Crash after using initget
2876/T5194: LISP: cannot use vl-vbaload to load VBA project
2908/T5482: LISP:Vlax-dump-object not working
3099/T5641: VBA: invoke SAVE command cause crashing
3104/T5630: VBA: invoke GetPoint function by SendCommand under Win XP system cause crashing
2349/T4885: ZRX: user custom menu cannot be loaded correctly under Win XP system
757: Icon missing in "ET: Layers" Toolbar
3382: Layer state restore issue
3738: Cannot extract attributes in nested blocks by EATTEXT
3742: Rectangles created by area in UCS created by 3 points is not correct
4004: Drawing that saved to DXF R14 format cannot be open correctly
4161: Program crashes when open certain file
4250: DWT file information cannot be seen in design center in Russian version
4259: Table in drawing that saved to DWG 2004/2007 cannot be double-click to edit
4260: Text displays wrong in certain drawing that saved to DWG 2004/2007
4289: Cannot match property to some dimensions in certain drawing
4299: There is no “Plot Date” field in “Date and Time” section of Field command
4308: Dimension style cannot be displayed in Quick Select in Japanese version
4327: Program crashes when click Multileader Style in Rename dialog box
4334: Input global commands(start with “_”)does not display dynamic prompt in multi-lingual version
4336: Program crashes when drag commands to toolbar for multiple times
4337: Program crashes when use SYSVDLG command after setting environment variable
4349: Cannot hide part of the file name in file tab when file name is too long
4356: Cannot use SmartMouse with default settings in Russian version
4357: Delete “/P “Default”” in Target parameter in desktop shortcut
4358: SmartMouse Prompt displays error text when using Russian commands

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