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Product Design
Stylish UI, Clear workflow

• The stylish user interface style provides a friendlier user experience. Most frequently used commands are placed more logically and self-intuitive, while increasing efficiency and lowering complexity for beginners
• The clear workflow enables users to start a project conveniently and finish designing efficiently. The new “Drag & Drop” function makes inserting or deleting a new feature with associated operations easy

Powerful data exchange, enhanced design collaboration

• Read and edit 3D models from CATIA, NX, SolidWorks, Creo, and Inventor
• Import and export STEP, STL, IGES, Parasolid, DWG, DXF, and SAT format files.Remarkable improvements have been made in importing geometry so as to reduce open edges and open faces
• Export models as PDF and raster images

Productive modeling and assembly, enjoyable design experience

• Hybrid Modeling, a revolutionary and unique approach that enables users to seamlessly work with 3D solids, non-solids, surfaces and wireframe models
• Provide Class-A surface,dynamic extruding, morphing and shaping functions
• Greater flexibility makes designing more enjoyable
• Easy-to-use sheet metal design

Efficient sketch & drafting, accurate 2D documentation

• The unique Ready-Sketch feature greatly reduces sketching time
• Smart Constraint and Smart Dimension make sketching more convenient
• Automatically create 2D associative views with projection, sectioning and detailing
• Easy to maintain different sizes of sheets in one layout with the 2D sheet manager

Assembly Design

• Deals with large assemblies easily, including top-down and bottom-up, with ZW3D Burst™ technology
• Validate and animates assemblies with built-in motion simulation
• Simplify design work with a large amount of standard parts from PartSolutions™ library

Reverse Engineering

• Work with STL, point cloud, and scan data to build surfaces and 3D models
• Prepare models for CNC machining by refining meshes, building surfaces, and repairing gaps
• Support 3D printers

Draft & thickness analysis

• Different colors to mark out different draft status areas: positive, negative, neutral
• Inquire draft status through mouse hovering
• Inquire thickness information through mouse hovering

Mold Design

• Split solids, and opens geometry in seconds, without healing models
• Automatically or manually create parting lines and faces
• Provide a wide range of methods for creating cores and cavities, including parting line and face definition methods
• Effortlessly remove cores and cavities

Standard parts library

• Easily add standard parts through built-in mold libraries, such as screws, locating rings, ejector pins, and cooling systems
• Conveniently modify mold base and components at any time
• Provide numerous kinds of standard mold bases and new ones such as MISUMI 240,FUTABA 83,HASCO 84,DME 81

Runner and gate

• With one single operation, you can create runners or gates fast and easily
• Users can freely modify the parameters according to actual needs


• Speed up preparation time with multiple electrode extraction for die sinking operations
• Automatically create electrode tables, including electrode origin information


• Streamline communication through fast creation of 2D layout and detail drawing
• Automatically generate BOM tables and hole tables

CNC Machining
2X Turning

• Supports OD and ID roughing, finishing, threading, grooving operations, and more
• Provides quick and easy programming for different types of turned parts.

2X & 3X Milling

• Automatically identifies machining areas and selects proper tools and operations. In one step, roughing and top face finishing for a component can be done quickly
• QuickMillTM technology helps to improve your productivity by 30% through re-use milling, adaptive federate control, and minimal air cutting
• Tool path calculation is enhanced in a Smooth-Flow algorithm to ensure that material is not left in corners, between cuts and that cutter loading is as uniform as possible
• Lengthen tool life by up to 50% with progressive machining strategies

2X and 5X Hole Machining

• Hole Tactic, is able to automatically identify features of all holes on workpieces including size, depth and types, then select the proper tools and operations to finish machining. It helps you save machining time by 70%
• Easily edit tool paths at any time, even though they have been already generated

Reference Functionality

• With the Reference Operation, the system can automatically identify the area that wasn’t machined in previous operation and generate the corresponding tool path
• With the Reference Tool, the system can automatically identify the area that the previous tool couldn’t reach and generate the corresponding tool path