ZWCAD+ 2012 SP1 Release Note

ZWSOFT today released Service Pack 1 for ZWCAD+ 2012 with fundamental bug fixes and feature improvements. This version is mostly focused on Stability, Bug fixing and Feature adding. Compared with former version which is released on August 30, SP1corrected a number of problems and implemented a series of new features, by which enhanced the usability a lot.
• Stability
Fixed more than 300 Crash Reports
Fixed more than 50 crash problems when opening certain drawings
• New Features
Multileader and Mleader style (Command: MLEADER, MLEADEREDIT, MLEADERSTYLE)
SmartPeek for multiple documents (>3) switching and preview (use CTRL+TAB to trigger, with system variable DOCSWITCHSTYLE = 1) MVSETUP for setting up one or more viewports in layout
EATTEXT for enhanced attribute extraction
VSLIDE for viewing slide (.sld) files
STATUS for viewing current drawing status
SPELL for text spell checking
TEXTSCR for opening command window (F2)
More Express Tools:
• OVERKILL: Cleanup overlapping geometry
• DELDUPL: Delete Duplicate Lines, Circles and Arcs
• LOCKUP & UNLOCK: Lock and unlock drawing with password
• ALIASEDIT: Dialog box for command aliases editing
• SCALELISTEDIT: Dialog box for scale list editing
• ARCTEXT: Arc-aligned text
• ANGDIV: Create bisector of angle
• JOINL: Join lines or arcs
• ARCCMP: Generate complementary arc of selected one
• EXSCALE: Extended scale
ZRX SDK: ZRX Checking tools added
• Feature Improvements
Prompts when open drawing created by AutoCAD Educational Version
HATCH now supports Origin Point Setting
PEDIT command can be triggered by double click on any polyline object
RAY now supports sub-commands including Bisect/Horizontal/Vertical/Angle/Offset
FILTER now supports to add logic condition by right-click
EXPORT now supports WMF file
Layer Manager now supports to search for layer by initial letter
• App+
Added App+ tab on Ribbon in all multi-lingual version
• Translations and Documentations
P423: Text displays incompletely in Paragraph dialog box [Portuguese version]
P474: DIMARC command translation issue [Japanese version]
P491: XOPEN command is missing in Help doc
P492: SPELL command information issue in Help doc
P495: OVERKILL dialog box displays error text [Traditional Chinese version]
P496: ConversionOleID UI displays error text [Traditional Chinese version]
P498: OVERKILL dialog box translation issue[Japanese version]
• Installation and Activation
Deployment installer for silent installation is now included in CD
Screenshot preview when choosing user interface after installation
Developer Help document now available (ZRX Help is in ZRX SDK)
Fixed the problem of Network Soft-key License that clients cannot get floating license from server
• Important Bug Fixes
[A bunch of IDs]: Crash problems in Open, Copy, Layer State, VBA, etc
3501/T5863, 3999/T6071: Some objects cannot be exploded
3482: Error prompted when starting ZWCAD+ under non-Administrator account
3417/T5799: Cannot use Arrow key to search for commands that inputted by dynamic command prompt
3411/T5807,3631/T5978: SELECTIONAREA and SELECTIONAREAOPACITY always reset themselves to default after restart
3766/T6030, 3321/T5743: Error when printing OLE objects
3394/T5779,3396/T5780: Proxy objects malposition after COPY or MOVE
1092: Cannot switch plot unit between Inch and Millimeter when ploting
2865/T5425: Table object displaying error
3045/T5587, 3716/T6008: Multi-line text malposition error
3596/T5957: Extended data lost after saving to lower than DWG 2004 format
3711/T6002: When in REFEDIT mode, objects outside working set can be edited through Ribbon
3686/T5992: CAL command results in data overflow
2684: Printed DWF file doesn’t contain images
2844/T5456: XOPEN and XCLIP button is unable on Ribbon panel
2865/T5425, 3242/T5732: Table content lost\disordered\malposition when exchange with AutoCAD
4163/T6124: Certain linetype display error
757: Icon missing in "ET: Layers" Toolbar
3382: Layer state restore issue
3738: Cannot extract attributes in nested blocks by EATTEXT
3742: Rectangles created by area in UCS created by 3 points is not correct
4004: Drawing that saved to DXF R14 format cannot be open correctly
4161: Program crashes when open certain file
4250: DWT file information cannot be seen in design center in Russian version
4259: Table in drawing that saved to DWG 2004/2007 cannot be double-click to edit
4260: Text displays wrong in certain drawing that saved to DWG 2004/2007
4289: Cannot match property to some dimensions in certain drawing
4299: There is no “Plot Date” field in “Date and Time” section of Field command
4308: Dimension style cannot be displayed in Quick Select in Japanese version
4327: Program crashes when click Multileader Style in Rename dialog box
4334: Input global commands(start with “_”)does not display dynamic prompt in multi-lingual version
4336: Program crashes when drag commands to toolbar for multiple times
4337: Program crashes when use SYSVDLG command after setting environment variable
4349: Cannot hide part of the file name in file tab when file name is too long
4356: Cannot use SmartMouse with default settings in Russian version
4357: Delete “/P “Default”” in Target parameter in desktop shortcut
4358: SmartMouse Prompt displays error text when using Russian commands ……

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