Stylish UI, Clear workflow

• The stylish user interface style provides a friendlier user experience. Most frequently used commands are placed more logically and self-intuitive, while increasing efficiency and lowering complexity for beginners
• The clear workflow enables users to start a project conveniently and finish designing efficiently. The new “Drag & Drop” function makes inserting or deleting a new feature with associated operations easy

Powerful data exchange, enhanced design collaboration

• Read and edit 3D models from CATIA, NX, SolidWorks, Creo, and Inventor
• Import and export STEP, STL, IGES, Parasolid, DWG, DXF, and SAT format files.Remarkable improvements have been made in importing geometry so as to reduce open edges and open faces
• Export models as PDF and raster images

Productive modeling and assembly, enjoyable design experience

• Hybrid Modeling, a revolutionary and unique approach that enables users to seamlessly work with 3D solids, non-solids, surfaces and wireframe models
• Provide Class-A surface,dynamic extruding, morphing and shaping functions
• Greater flexibility makes designing more enjoyable
• Easy-to-use sheet metal design

Efficient sketch & drafting, accurate 2D documentation

• The unique Ready-Sketch feature greatly reduces sketching time
• Smart Constraint and Smart Dimension make sketching more convenient
• Automatically create 2D associative views with projection, sectioning and detailing
• Easy to maintain different sizes of sheets in one layout with the 2D sheet manager

Assembly Design

• Deals with large assemblies easily, including top-down and bottom-up, with ZW3D Burst™ technology
• Validate and animates assemblies with built-in motion simulation
• Simplify design work with a large amount of standard parts from PartSolutions™ library

Reverse Engineering

• Work with STL, point cloud, and scan data to build surfaces and 3D models
• Prepare models for CNC machining by refining meshes, building surfaces, and repairing gaps
• Support 3D printers

Draft & thickness analysis

• Different colors to mark out different draft status areas: positive, negative, neutral
• Inquire draft status through mouse hovering
• Inquire thickness information through mouse hovering