2X Turning

• Supports OD and ID roughing, finishing, threading, grooving operations, and more
• Automated Clean-up makes removing leftover material on workpieces faster and easier
• The system will calculate tool paths while users are doing CAM programming, which saves a great amount of time

2X & 3X Milling

• Automatically identifies machining areas and selects proper tools and operations. In one step, roughing and top face finishing for a component can be done quickly
• QuickMillTM technology helps to improve your productivity by 30% through re-use milling, adaptive federate control, and minimal air cutting
• Tool path calculation is enhanced in a Smooth-Flow algorithm to ensure that material is not left in corners, between cuts and that cutter loading is as uniform as possible
• Lengthen tool life by up to 50% with progressive machining strategies

2X and 5X Hole Machining

• Hole Tactic, is able to automatically identify features of all holes on workpieces including size, depth and types, then select the proper tools and operations to finish machining. It helps you save machining time by 70%
• Easily edit tool paths at any time, even though they have been already generated

Reference Functionality

• With the Reference Operation, the system can automatically identify the area that wasn’t machined in previous operation and generate the corresponding tool path
• With the Reference Tool, the system can automatically identify the area that the previous tool couldn’t reach and generate the corresponding tool path