• Split solids, and opens geometry in seconds, without healing models
• Automatically or manually create parting lines and faces
• Provide a wide range of methods for creating cores and cavities, including parting line and face definition methods
• Effortlessly remove cores and cavities

Standard parts library

• Easily add standard parts through built-in mold libraries, such as screws, locating rings, ejector pins, and cooling systems
• Conveniently modify mold base and components at any time
• Provide numerous kinds of standard mold bases and new ones such as MISUMI 240,FUTABA 83,HASCO 84,DME 81

Runner and gate

• With one single operation, you can create runners or gates fast and easily
• Users can freely modify the parameters according to actual needs


• Speed up preparation time with multiple electrode extraction for die sinking operations
• Automatically create electrode tables, including electrode origin information


• Streamline communication through fast creation of 2D layout and detail drawing
• Automatically generate BOM tables and hole tables