1. Rewrite Align Geometry

This new feature makes Align Geometry easier and moreoptions are offered. Parting direction and side parting direction are necessary. The center can be customized or defined by the product center combined with Z0 position.

2. Improved Parting lines from silhouettes

Optimized options makes the definitions of parting lines much clearer. Details are as follows:

Curve Type

Specification of Parting Lines

Interior Loops

Interior closing parting lines of selected objects


Exterior closing parting lines of selected objects

All Parting Loops

All interior and exterior closing parting lines of selected objects

Undercut Loops

Parting lines from side faces of selected objects

3. New “Patch” command for inner holes

This new “Patch” command helps designers to do a faster patch for inner holes. It provides two types including Parting shape—automatic method and Inner edge—manual method. According to product shape and complexity, designers could flexibility apply the patch command and surface commands.

4. New “Layout” and “Combine” commands for multi-cavity

The updated mold module provides a powerful new function—multi-cavity design. It helps designers to reduce manual work. Another important point is that it is easier to do modifications and it greatly improves work efficiency.

To know more features about mold design module of ZW3D 2013, please stay tuned with us.