Pay $600, upgrade to ZW3D 2013 Std.
Pay $1000, upgrade to ZW3D 2013 Pro.
Pay $1500, upgrade to ZW3D 2013 Prem.

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Upgrade reasons for VX or ZW3D 2010 users

CAD Module:
1) New Ribbon Interface
2) Up to 10 times faster graphics performance
3) Up to 10 times faster history regeneration
4) Up to 3 times faster STEP import, New 3D PDF export, New SAT file export
5) New direct editing functions
6) New filleting
7) New multiple sheet manager & multiple file tab
8) New drag and drop feature & assembly manager
9) Easier sketch, smart constraint tools, new quick dimension tools
10) New whole process Mold design module

CAM Module:
11) Drag and drop CAM folder
12) New tool library
13) New undercut operation
14) New outer helical milling operation
15) New top-face cutting
16) New over-cut tool path analysis
17) Automatic 2X tactic
18) Automatic 3X tactic
19) Faster tool path calculation
20) Enhanced post processor
Resellers in North America
Morris Great Lakes

Pennsylvania, USA
Randy Bieble


Indiana, USA
Dave Johnson

PRONTO 3D.Limited

Florida, USA
Bob Fisher


Ontario, Canada
Levi Taylor

Tech-Net, Inc.

Washington, USA
Joe Brouwer

Thornton Technical Services

Tennessee, USA
Earl Thornton

DP Manufacturing S.A. de C.V.

José Luis Hernandez
+52 (444) 1124224 Ext-603