Inexpensive 3D CAD starts from $ 995
Are you worried about the high start-up fees of CAD/CAM software and it's ongoing maintenance? Whether you are purchasing for a business or as an individual, this is the product for you. ZW3D™ is an incredible value CAD/CAM software for 3D modeling, mold design and CNC machining. It aids engineers by making designing easier and more efficient in one easy-to-use, integrated and sharable environment.

ZW3D is similar to Solidworks® in operation and supports all the important 3D CAD functions at the reasonable price of $995.00. That’s 4 SEATS of ZW3D for 1 SEAT of Solidworks®, Inventor® or SolidEdge®.
zw3d enable you
    • Translate many formats allowing you to directly
      read and edit 3D Models from Catia®, Inventor®,
      NX®, Creo®, Solidworks® and other DWG files.

    • Design "In One File" or "Multiple Files", including
      Parts, Assembly, CAM, imports and 2D Drawings,
      making it easier to manage.

    • Dramatically reduce design time with efficient and
      flexible boolean operations between 3D Solid
      and Surface geometry – for example modify
      surfaces with solid features directly .

    • Enjoy design freedom with direct edit and
      parametric modeling.

    • Flexibly model assemblies with approaches
      including both top-down and bottom-up.

    • Automatically generate 2D Drawing with BOM and
      hole tables.

Additional features:
• Whole process mold design
• Smart tactics, including hole tactic, 2X tactic, 3X tactic
• Extensive built-in post processor
• Excellent CAM verification
ZW3D Free 30-day trial

  • ZW3D 2013 SP(32BIT)
  • ZW3D 2013 SP(64BIT)

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* This sales campaign is open globally to most countries but China, Germany and Japan. Please contact your local ZW3D reseller for details.


"ZW3D has rapidly improved all business. Compared to our old system, it’s much easier and faster. Because of this easy-learning system, the training cost is kept low and even newcomers can deliver results quickly."
-- Peter Feist, CEO of Feist

*Feist is a manufacturer of regionally based automotive prototypes in Germany.
“The modeling capacity of ZW3D is really powerful and amazing. Operations are simple and intelligent, which helps us improve working efficiency tremendously. In terms of data exchange, ZW3D does a good job and is well compatible with 2D CAD data”, stated a technical engineer from Newamstar.

*Newamstar is a leader of the China Liquid (Beverage) Packaging Machinery Industry.
ZW3D offered the functionality required at a fraction of the cost. — Stone Maganese

* Stone Manganese Marine (SMM), one of the leading manufacturers of large fixed propellers in the world.
"By taking advantage of ZW3D's integrated CAD/CAM, Amchem produces sophisticated and efficient engineering solutions in less time." — Amchem.
ZW3D has helped us cut the design cycle by at least half. — Ring Can

* Ring Can Corporation has a history of innovative packaging, making it one of the largest and fastest growing container manufacturers in North America.