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For MFG Industries

For MFG Industries

Self-Developed CAD/CAE/CAM Core Technologies to

Facilitate Intelligent Manufacturing

MFG Challenges

On the way to digitalization and innovation, advanced information technologies are indispensable.
As the source of digital design and production, CAD/CAE/CAM software are key to innovating products and strengthening the core competence of manufacturers.

ZWSOFT Solutions

ZWSOFT Solutions

Boost Innovative Development with Self-developed CAD/CAE/CAM Core Technologies


  • Reliable and Standardized

    ZWSOFT solutions help you standardize the design process and relevant data, inherit design history and integrate with PLM data, to increase design and management efficiency.

  • Powerful and Efficient

    With powerful 2D and 3D CAD/CAE/CAM and R&D strength, professional apps like mechanical and mold are supported for higher design and production efficiency and competitiveness.

  • Compatible and Stable

    Being smooth and stable, ZWSOFT products satisfy multi-disciplinary, multi-scenario, complicated and long-time application. Its strong compatibility helps reuse and exchange data easily.

  • Localized and Guaranteed

    Thanks to professional teams around the world, ZWSOFT provides local R&D-level technical support and service, like user training, function development, and software upgrade and implementation.

Customer Success Stories

ZWSOFT solutions are widely adopted by well-known manufacturers of automobiles, machinery, molds, railway locomotives, etc.