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Top-Tier Plumbing Networks Designed with ZWCAD

A Projekt Usługi Inwestycyjne, a Polish company specializing in plumbing networks, uses ZWCAD to design advanced sanitary installations and advise on plumbing-related problems.

2020-11-20 10:47:00 2572

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A Projekt Usługi Inwestycyjne (“A Projekt” for short) is a growing company in Poland’s plumbing industry. It creates advanced sanitary installations for clients and acts as an advisor to problems regarding sanitary and plumbing networks.

More Efficient Information Exchange and File Management

As the owner of the company, Mr. Piotr Andraszyk believes that plumbing is not just about pipes and flanges. A good plumbing network improves the quality of life for homeowners and betters the workplace for business owners. Therefore, he attaches great importance to all projects, big or small. To execute them well, a good CAD solution is crucial to not only design, but also communication with clients. Therefore, compatibility and reliability have always been the priorities of A Projekt when it comes to the CAD software they use.

And the compatibility of ZWCAD manifests itself when the drawings can be viewed correctly by all parties of the project who adopt different CAD software. Moreover, from the perspective of a proprietor, Mr. Andraszyk needs ZWCAD to be reliable and stable enough so that their files will not be corrupted, and data are secured. “Both our requirements are satisfied by ZWCAD. With it, information exchange and file management become more efficient,” affirmed Mr. Andraszyk.

Figure 1. A gas meter box designed by A Projekt(1).jpg

Figure 1. A gas meter box designed by A Projekt

Staple Functions Running at Speed

According to Mr. Andraszyk, ZWCAD plays an important role in both consulting on plumbing-related problems and creating sanitary installations with its powerful features. “When there are maps to be processed in my projects, I’d attach them as Xrefs in ZWCAD. It is swift and accurate in loading Xrefs,” he praised. Besides, he appreciated OFFSET the command, which has helped him precisely place or move elements.

In addition to satisfying A Projekt’s needs in designing sanitary networks of buildings and processing maps, ZWCAD keeps surprising them with its gradual enhancement, especially in terms of its operating speed. “Thanks to the faster and smoother ZWCAD, I am able to work on more projects simultaneously. I can now complete 2 to 4 projects within the same amount of time when I used to work on only 1 or 2.”

Figure 2. The section of a gas installation for a commercial building created by A Projekt.jpg

Figure 2. The section of a gas installation for a commercial building created by A Projekt

Excellent in Quality and Reasonable in Price

Looking back, Mr. Andraszyk is still glad that he opted for ZWCAD on the recommendation of SZANSA, the Polish ZWSOFT partner, in 2017. In his opinion, ZWCAD is the budget-friendly CAD solution that SMEs like his need. “This amount of useful features at an affordable price? I’d definitely recommend it to my peers,” he endorsed, “Also, the ZWCAD technical support team is known for being professional. Although, until today, we haven’t needed to use the support service because the software works well as it should.”

Figure 3. Two views on a gas meter box designed by A Projekt.jpg

Figure 3. Two views on a gas meter box designed by A Projekt

On the way to fulfill the ambition of designing and installing safe and durable plumbing systems for more and more clients, Mr. Andraszyk needs to keep offering efficient and effective solutions. With the aid of ZWCAD, he has faith that he can avail of his expertise and experiences to better serve customers and boost the growth of A Projekt.

(All images courtesy of A Projekt)

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