CASAIS Group Selects ZWCAD for Real Estate and Architectural Projects

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ZWSOFT, the leading supplier of CAD/CAM solutions for the AEC and MCAD industry, announced that their highly cost-effective CAD design software ZWCAD had been selected by CASAIS Group with its superior operational fluency and strong format compatibility. ZWCAD is currently being used in real estate and architectural projects to improve their design efficiency and project quality. 

CASAIS Group is a famous Portuguese enterprise with a history of more than 50 years in real estate, environmental, energy, tourism, industrial and commercial sectors. Aiming to better address today’s business challenges, they always stay abreast of evolving trends in domestic and international markets, keeping its leading position in AEC industry worldwide. 


The Need

CASAIS’ projects cover fields such as public, industrial and sports buildings, most of which require complex and huge drawings, and therefore the processing speed for big projects is the most important consideration in the selection of CAD software. As an architecture enterprise, CASAIS frequently cooperates with many other design teams on a single project, so it expects design software with a strong format compatibility to ensure design accuracy and enhance team productivity. Besides, the price is another factor for decision since better performance-price ratio will directly impact on their business, helping them drive up profits and reduce expenses. 


The Solution

After a long-term search for cost-effective software to meet all of its needs, CASAIS was finally impressed by the excellent quality of ZWCAD after the trial use and live demo. ZWCAD has expertise in the area of great memory control and strong compatibility, and the new memory optimization technology also enables ZWCAD to open and edit a huge drawing smoothly. With a stronger .dwg compatibility, seamless cross-platform communication is easier than ever before. “ZWCAD provides us a much faster processing and navigation over large projects,” said Mr. Guilherme, CIO of CASAIS Group. “Together with a very competitive price for the organization, it really helps maintain and improve the quality of our work.” 


The Service

The service of ZWCAD does not end with purchase and installation. Ibercad, the authorized distributor in Portugal, provides the professional technical support to help CASAIS make optimal use of the software. The distributor also regularly organizes seminars and workshops through which CASAIS can find solutions and exchange ideas together with Ibercad. “Their technicians are skilled both in CAD and AEC industries. In addition to the technical aspects, they can make affordable proposals targeting different users, based on their industrial knowledge, from project execution to cost estimating or budgeting,” said Mr. Guilherme. 

ZWCAD is now being used in the Production, Technical and Commercial Departments, helping CASAIS improve design efficiency and collaboration among these departments. More proficient with ZWCAD, they will find the software exceed their initial expectations. 


About GASAIS Group

GASAIS’s 50 years of business activities have been based upon constantly reaffirming their founding principles underlying the success of CASAIS’ projects over time and in various fields of activities – special works, public, industrial and sports buildings, hotel and residential buildings amongst others - using rational, client-orientated management. Click here to watch their introduction on YouTube. 



ZWSOFT is a leading supplier of CAD/CAM solutions for the AEC and MCAD industries, with over 320,000 users in over 80 countries. ZWSOFT's products, ZWCAD and ZW3D, have been satisfying the needs of 2D and 3D designers for over a decade. ZWSOFT's major clients include Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Panasonic, Carrefour, and Saint-Gobain.

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