Avintia: Advanced Constructions Designed by Innovative ZWCAD

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Grupo Avintia is one of the main integrated companies in the world of construction solutions, infrastructures and services. It always takes the initiative to improve quality of life by diversifying its business lines including residential, industrial and infrastructure construction.

Combining quality and innovation with new models of coexistence, lifestyles and infrastructure development, it is assuming an increasingly relevant role in the transformation towards a more modern and sustainable society.

Figure 1. The office building of Avintia

We were glad to have an interview with Jesus Box, the IT Director of Avintia to explore the recipe of its success.

Figure 2. Jesus Box, the IT Director of Avintia

The Catalyst For Advanced Construction

Q: As we all know, Avintia is playing a leading role in construction in Spain. What factors contributed to this success?

A: Avintia is a relatively young company, which was established approximately 10 or 12 years ago. Among all of our main business lines, the most important one is construction, which acts as the locomotive of Avintia. Ranking NO.1 in the construction industry in Spain, we have achieved impressive achievements these years.

The key factors behind it are, firstly, the systems and people. We have developed internal systems that help us make improvements and be as efficient as possible. And we have 1,700 committed people who have devoted themselves in the company, which is quite important and impressive for such a young company.

Secondly, new technologies are very important, helping us at all time to achieve our goals. We kept looking for innovative software to carry out projects, and help us make things easier and more efficient.


Figure 3. One of the construction projects carried out by the Avintia team

We were looking for two things: the software and a partner -- the software that can play an excellent role in our tasks, that is powerful, effective and flexible; and a partner that will help us in its implementation, in real projects, and in digitalization. And we have found everything in ZWCAD.


The Software and A Partner

Q: Could you specify how ZWCAD helped with this great cause?

A: ZWCAD has played an important role with its stability, flexibility, scalability and compatibility with other software. We also appreciate its very advanced features. For example, the ones concerning external references, such as the PDF Underlay.


Figure 4. PDF Underlay in ZWCAD

When it comes to licensing the software, Network Licensing did help us a lot. Our former provider only offered the 1-to-1 licensing mode, which means one license for one designer. It was a very rigid mode with a high cost.

Fortunately, ZWCAD is here with the Network Licensing option, allowing us to allocate licenses much more flexibly. Our designers can use the software simply by entering the IP or name of the server. After that, the licenses can be obtained automatically after starting the software and returned after exiting.

Figure 5. The 1-to-many Network Licensing mode of ZWCAD

That’s exactly the thing we want, because it enables our designers who don’t normally work at the same time to share the same license, which means that I only need to purchase the licenses which will be used at the same time, greatly enhancing flexibility and preventing wastes. It works for both the Standard and the Pro version. I think this option provided by ZWSOFT is really user-friendly.

And I’d like to specially mention the service and support provided by ZWSOFT’s local partner MP Scia Ingenieria S.L. They listen to us and help us effectively deal with the challenges in development and implementation.

Figure 6. ZWSOFT Spanish partner MP Scia Ingenieria S.L.

Q: So, how did ZWCAD work in your projects?

A: Right now we use ZWCAD extensively, like planning projects, making modifications and annotations on the plans to facilitate the process of the construction work, and adding last-minute measurements.

When we are undertaking a project, a mini office will be set up near the site for 4 to 7 staff who designs and modifies the plans. When they discover something unusual, they will make adjustments directly in that office with ZWCAD, and then communicate immediately with the ones carrying out construction work on site, to better control and guarantee the quality and standards of the work without any deviations.

Figure 7. The avintia team working onsite with ZWCAD

The Combination of Quality and Innovation

Q: What’s more does Avintia want to do in the future?

A: We will keep providing advanced construction solutions and services to people in Spain and even around the world, to improve their living quality.

From every single word of Jesus, we can sense his strong will of improving people’s quality of life with excellent constructions. It is encouraging that ZWSOFT has also contributed to this great course. High-quality constructions by innovative engineering software. Let’s do it big together!

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