Constructora SANJOSE Delivers High-Quality Construction Projects Worldwide with ZWCAD

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Constructora SANJOSE is part of the SANJOSE group with a history of over 50 years. With three major interacting business lines (building/civil works/engineering and industrial construction), it boosts the development of cities and countries worldwide.

Figure 1. Constructora SANJOSE built the Mandarin Oriental Ritz Hotel in Madrid

In Portugal alone, there are more than 100 Constructora SANJOSE technicians, including engineers and architects. For such a construction company, the average project duration is between 16 and 24 months and everything is always adjusting throughout all phases. “As you can tell, auxiliary tools like CAD software are very important to our field of business,” said a Constructora SANJOSE manager.


ZWCAD Fits in Business Model and Actual Workflow Perfectly

ZWCAD, being already a reputable CAD software brand, came to our mind when we were considering switching to another CAD solution,” recalled the manager. Having established contact with ZWSOFT’s Portuguese partner, Ibercad, Lda., Constructora SANJOSE was first intrigued by the licensing mechanism of ZWCAD. The manager explained, “The proposed business model of Ibercad’s other big customers met our expectations. First, permanent licenses would give us competitive advantages. Second, its flexibility allows us to spread the software across the company to more designers.”

Moreover, during the test period, Ibercad gave full support to the company in the implementation of ZWCAD, making sure that it fits in with their workflow. “The technical service provided by Ibercad has been easily accessible and very professional. They have always been effectively clarifying issues and quickly responding to our requests,” approved the manager.


ZWCAD: Light yet Powerful, High Compatibility and Low Relearning Cost

Besides the administrative approval of switching to ZWCAD, the departments that actually use it also find it satisfying. The first thing they noticed is that ZWCAD is a light program. Packed with powerful functions, it is only less than 500 MB, which adds no burden to their workstations, no matter how old or new.

Also, Constructora SANJOSE expected full DWG/DXF compatibility from ZWCAD, since it is one of the most important requirements for construction projects. From design to execution, analyses are carried out by technicians of different specialties to deliver safe and quality projects. The manager pointed out, “We believe that such incongruence analyses are a good practice to detect errors as early as possible and resolve them as quickly as possible. Thanks to the compatibility of ZWCAD, all CAD data can be exchanged accurately among different departments so that there is a further reduction in errors. Consequently, we can avoid increasing costs, delaying projects, or wasting the time of our technicians.”

Figure 2. Constructora SANJOSE technicians checking a drawing on site

Another major consideration is whether ZWCAD can enhance the efficiency of Constructora SANJOSE technicians without additional training. “According to our engineers and architects, ZWCAD is a handy tool that comes with familiar interfaces and easy-to-use commands. The time saved in the tasks performed is unquestionable. We see the improved productivity of our technicians, and understand why it can contribute to a lower cost and better performance for our company,” commended the manager.


Technically Rigorous ZWCAD for High-Quality Structures

It is the belief of Constructora SANJOSE that they create value through the innovative and sustainable execution of remarkable buildings and infrastructure. “We believe that with the technically rigorous ZWCAD and other aspects of our activity, the quality of our final project results and our market image will be improved rapidly.” In the future, Constructora SANJOSE will keep deploying ZWCAD in more projects and consider spreading it to its subsidiaries in different countries.

 (Images courtesy of Constructora SANJOSE)

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