S.P.I and ZWCAD Joined Hands to Promote Urbanization and Ecological Progress

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Poetic Dwelling, Inheritance and Innovation

Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., LTD (S.P.I for short) has done long-term research and exploration of the interrelationship between landscape and dwellings. Creatively raising the New Shan Shui design concept, S.P.I strives to continuously improve residential environment and living quality, eventually promote urbanization and ecological progress. 


Innovativeness – Key to Flourishing Landscape Design Industry

Landscape quality is one of the criteria for measuring a city's living environment. Compared with urban planning and architecture, landscape design has been lesser-known for a long time and even thought to be a complement to planning and construction. Nevertheless, the landscape is inextricably linked to the human settlement environment, and thus must precede or even guide the planning process.

Founded in 2007, S.P.I started as an innovativeness-driven integrated landscape design platform. For years, S.P.I has been gradually changing the market’s understanding of landscape design with their avant-garde concepts and splendid works.

Figure 1. The S.P.I head office is a combination of poetry and modernity

“Smart, big data technologies, and health concepts drive urbanization and better our lives in the big data era.” Mr. Qin Peng, vice president of S.P.I, thought that the current landscape design industry is developing at an unprecedented speed, which raises new demands for design enterprises.

To meet them, S.P.I established the Sun Hu Innovation Research Institute for innovating theories, technologies, and design. At the same time, innovative researches are carried out and CAD/3D modeling/rendering software are used to improve their design capabilities and productivity so that they remain competitive. “When facing new challenges, implementing new technologies and redesigning our methods would benefit us,” Mr. Qin said. “Therefore, we hope ZWSOFT and software companies alike could take landscape designers’ habits into consideration when they are enhancing their products to help us grow faster”.

Figure 2. Designer from S.P.I is using ZWCAD


Effectiveness – How CAD Software Accelerates Landscape Design

Our design services range from conceptual plans to construction drawings, and the frequently used CAD software bears on our design efficiency and quality,” Mr. Xie Derui, director of the S.P.I information center pointed out. “We needed mature CAD technologies to increase efficiency and decrease costs.”

Although CAD software suppliers and brands abound, S.P.I. chooses to stick with ZWSOFT and ZWCAD. According to Mr. Xie, the decision was made upon all-sided and long-term consideration: first of all, ZWSOFT owns core CAD technologies with decades of dedicated and sustainable development; secondly, ZWSOFT is trusted by renowned AEC enterprises, including landscape design firms; furthermore, the functionality, stability, and compatibility of ZWCAD impress S.P.I designers and boost their productivity.

Last but not least, ZWSOFT provides custom development services. “ZWCAD’s basic functions can help us quickly complete the drawings already. With our add-ons developed for ZWCAD, it’s even more efficient.” For example, ZWCAD and their information system are integrated to meet their informatization needs, and the drawing catalog allows designers to easily apply templates to avoid repetitive settings. Mr. Xie added, “We deem ZWCAD an excellent option of optimal ROI after rigorous tests and evaluations.”

Figure 3. Designer from S.P.I is designing with ZWCAD


Cooperation – Past, Present, and Future

“Operating in 16 cities, we prioritize the smooth switch to ZWCAD,” Mr. Xie indicated, “When we first adopted it in 2009, ZWSOFT provided timely and professional technical support to make sure that our designers can begin working with ZWCAD swimmingly in a short time.” So far, ZWCAD has been spread to all S.P.I branches and aids designers in increasing productivity and keeping up with business growth.

Regarding the future collaboration with ZWSOFT, Mr. Xie believes that S.P.I will have more diversified requirements for CAD software as their business rapidly grows. He said, “We hope ZWSOFT could continuously provide us with better versions of ZWCAD and services, and help us design innovatively and digitally.” In the future, ZWSOFT will keep catering to the requirements of the landscape design industry with its cutting-edge technologies and advancing ZWCAD to serve more innovative design companies like S.P.I.

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