Zamil Group Adopts ZWCAD to Deal with Construction Design, Metalwork and More

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Founded in Saudi Arabia in 1920, Zamil Group started as a trading company in a small town and has grown to be a large investment holding company engaging in a wide range of industries including building materials, manufacturing, offshore, petrochemicals, trade and services, real estate and investments.

Figure 1. Zamil Group’s headquarters at Zamil House

Figure 1. Zamil Group’s headquarters at Zamil House

Over decades, Zamil Group has achieved notable milestones such as building the tallest construction in Khobar and becoming the first family company to be listed on Saudi Arabia’s stock exchange. Today, Zamil Group is the “go-to” partner for local and international markets and continues to deliver value to the economic and industrial areas of the country.

“We basically deal with construction design and metal works. For Zamil, using CAD software is a mandatory basic requirement. Without using CAD software, we cannot excel in any of our work,” said Saad Abdalfqar from Zamil Projects Dammam Team.

Figure 2. King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture by Zamil Steel, subsidiary of Zamil Group

Figure 2. King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture by Zamil Steel, subsidiary of Zamil Group

As a large company specializing in construction, excellent CAD software is a must-have for them. To meet the increasing needs for software as their business and team keep expanding, Zamil Group turned to ZWCAD, a reliable 2D solution provided by ZWSOFT, through local reseller Orbit Middle East. Wissam Harb, Key Accounts Director of Orbit Middle East, explained, Zamil Group, Saudi Arabia’s leading private sector industrial group embraced the idea of adopting ZWCAD’s affordable technology after having conducted a series of tests, meetings and workshops held by Orbit Middle East. The journey started with the ZWCAD pilot project and later the Zamil Group spread its use in all of its constituent companies and worldwide branches with a sizable number of active users that keeps increasing year over year.


Easy-to-Use and Cost-Effective CAD Solution

Before adopting ZWCAD, Zamil Group used AutoCAD in all their work. When they switched to ZWCAD, they had their own concerns, like how they can use new software without any training. To their surprise, they mastered it easily. “It was very easy for us. We never took any training. If anybody knows how to use AutoCAD software, they were very familiar with the ZWCAD software. ZWCAD is very user-friendly, very economical, and easy to use. And it has all sorts of things, which are to be used by a designer or engineer. Right now, we have approximately, over 600 people that are using ZWCAD daily,” said Saad Abdalfqar.


Oustanding Technical Support from the Local Team and Headquarters

Apart from the software itself, what impressed Zamil Group was the timely support from the local reseller and ZWSOFT headquarters. Saad Abdalfqar added, “Whenever we have any issues using ZWCAD, if we need any help, we always raise all our queries to the R&D team of ZWCAD. And they always have been coming with a positive response.”

With all these pros, Zamil adopted ZWCAD and it’s been widely used in all its branches and met with positive feedback. “Gradually we implemented it in all of our branches. All of our sister companies. Basically, in our part, we are doing the detailing and drafting. For all the CAD purposes, ZWCAD is excellent software,” said Sunil Pillai, Engineering Manager from Zamil Steel, part of Zamil Group.

Figure 3. Villaggio Mall by Zamil Steel, subsidiary of Zamil Group

Figure 3. Villaggio Mall by Zamil Steel, subsidiary of Zamil Group

The secret behind Zamil Group’s longevity over the last century is its sustainable approach, expert team, strong core values and pragmatic strategies, which is also what ZWSOFT has been adhering to. In the future, ZWSOFT will help Zamil Group remain its prosperity and continue to bring contribution to the local industries.

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