Diriyah Gate Development Authority Drives Design Excellence with ZWCAD

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In the heart of Saudi Arabia, the Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) stands as the visionary force driving the transformation of Diriyah into one of the world's greatest destinations. Under the leadership of His Royal Highness, Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, Crown Prince and Prime Minister, DGDA's mission is to make Diriyah a global gathering place that instills pride in all Saudis and captivates the world.

Located just 15 minutes northwest of Riyadh, Diriyah holds the At-Turaif UNESCO World Heritage Site, the birthplace of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the original home of House Al Saud. With a SAR 64 billion development project, Diriyah aspires to be the Kingdom's historic and cultural heart, showcasing over 300 years of Saudi history through engaging heritage, hospitality, education, retail, and dining experiences for residents, tourists, and frequent visitors.

DGDA ensures the seamless integration of modern infrastructure while preserving the rich cultural heritage of the region. In 2021, after witnessing the value-added features of ZWCAD during a product demo with Orbit Middle East, ZWSOFT Distributor in Saudi Arabia, DGDA's Application Center Department made a strategic shift from AutoCAD to ZWCAD. This transition marked a pivotal moment, aligning DGDA's operations with a more efficient and feature-rich CAD solution.


ZWCAD Streamlines Design Processes and Enhances Collaboration

Today, ZWCAD is extensively utilized in DGDA for design review, master plan review, topography, survey overlays, and early work package reviews.

Dalia Aboonoq, Infrastructure Assistant Manager at DGDA, emphasizes that ZWCAD is instrumental in reviewing and editing design and construction drawings. The software not only saves valuable time but also improves accuracy, streamlining the design review process with its ability to effortlessly identify correct coordinates.

For Ilianna Kliani, responsible for Master Planning at DGDA, the Xref function stands out as a crucial feature in their design process, enhancing efficiency in referencing external files and promoting seamless collaboration.

Dalia points out, "With many permit requests coming in daily, ZWCAD streamlines our processes, making them more efficient and accurate. It significantly facilitates the progress of our design projects."


Timely Local Support Enhances Operational Efficiency

DGDA's decision to choose ZWCAD was also driven by the availability of strong technical support in the local market.

The proximity of local support elevates DGDA's operational efficiency. Quick and responsive assistance ensures a smooth and efficient user experience, fostering a collaborative partnership.


Perpetual, Flexible License Enables Efficient Resource Allocation

In contrast to subscription-based models, ZWCAD's perpetual and flexible license model grants DGDA continuous access to advanced CAD functionalities without the burden of ongoing fees.

The initial investment guarantees a perpetual right to use the software, making it a one-time expenditure with enduring benefits. This financial predictability allows DGDA to allocate resources efficiently, directing funds towards other critical aspects of their ambitious projects.

DGDA’s IT team as well as the Procurement team are appreciative of Orbit Middle East’s successful introduction of ZWCAD as a reliable & cost-effective replacement to their previously existing CAD solution. “We are particularly impressed with Orbit Middle East’s hands-on approach on providing all the assistance & support needed – both on the commercial, as well as the technical levels”, said Hanan Altuwaijri, Diriyah Gate’s Technology Operations Assistant Manager. “And this success story all started with Orbit Middle East’s introduction to DGDA of many dependable & affordable solutions, such as ZWCAD”, added another DGDA Procurement executive.

It's fantastic to hear such positive feedback from Diriyah Gate, noted Wissam Harb COO of Orbit Middle East. The acknowledgment of the solution’s success by Diriyah Gate’s end users underscores the importance of collaboration and effective utilization of resources. Saving up to 80% in investments while maintaining the same functionality with ZWCAD is a noteworthy achievement for DGDA, added Wissam Harb. Additionally, having subcontractors of projects related to DGDA approving and utilizing ZWCAD further highlights its impact and versatility across various projects.

Such testimonials not only speak to the capabilities of ZWCAD but also emphasize the role it plays in optimizing processes, reducing costs, and facilitating successful project execution.


ZWCAD Contributes to Robust Data Security

Given DGDA's governmental authority, data security is paramount. ZWCAD's commitment to robust security measures ensures the protection of sensitive design data, aligning seamlessly with DGDA's stringent security protocols.


ZWCAD as An Integral Part in DGDA's Urban Vision

In DGDA's pursuit of its monumental vision, ZWCAD has emerged as an integral element, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the precision and efficiency needed for intricate design processes.

The collaborative efforts facilitated by ZWCAD not only streamline workflows but also significantly contribute to the overall progress of Diriyah Gate Development Authority's urban vision, proving ZWCAD's capabilities in supporting projects of national importance.

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