Hyundai KEFICO Vietnam Produces Quality Auto Parts with ZWSOFT Solutions

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Hyundai® KEFICO Vietnam Company Limited is a subsidiary of the Hyundai® Motor Group. They have been manufacturing EMS (Engine Management System) components, such as sensors and actuators for over a decade. To provide their clients worldwide with quality auto parts and continue leading in the local automotive industry, they choose and trust ZWCAD and ZW3D.

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Q1: Please tell us a few things about Hyundai KEFICO Vietnam.

Hyundai KEFICO is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Corporation. Our company leads in the Vietnamese auto parts industry. We mainly produce motion sensors and develop environmentally-friendly technologies. Our efforts of over a decade have won us many awards in the automotive industry since 2009. Among them, we were given the title of Employer of Choice in 2018.

Q2: What are the main challenges of designing such high-tech products?

As we manufacture, we need to keep developing new technologies to meet customer demands for production and quality. Challenges during the design process are mainly related to visuals and the friendliness of the software and their provider.

Q3: How do the ZWSOFT solutions help you solve them?

We use ZW3D and ZWCAD in our day-to-day work. These solutions offered by ZWSOFT help us complete almost all tasks, simple or complex. Besides, the UI is very intuitive and friendly for even beginners to master the software. Also, the ZWCAD Vietnam team provides us direct support. Our requests are perfectly handled. Last but not least, their reliability and stability are highly valued. Compared with other CAD/CAM software on the market, they give us great flexibility and advantages thanks to the permanent licenses. So, we choose and trust ZWSOFT solutions in our daily business.

Q4: How will Hyundai KEFICO Vietnam and ZWSOFT cooperate in the future?

Just like how we improve our products, we'll continue growing as a company. Therefore, we hope that ZWSOFT will keep enhancing their solutions so that more powerful support tools can help us design and produce better products for the market. Hopefully, ZWSOFT and Hyundai KEFICO will continue our long-term cooperation. ZWSOFT, good luck!

In the future, ZWCAD and ZW3D will remain the essential tools that help Hyundai KEFICO Vietnam drive business growth.

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