EMU Designs Batteries and Power Systems with ZWCAD

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With 29 years of industry experience, over 10 thousand customers worldwide, and several recognized brands (EUROPOWER®, ACUMAX®, ALARMTEC, and DYNASTY), EMU is one of the largest manufacturers of valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA), absorbed glass mat (AGM), and gel batteries in Europe. Moreover, since 2012, EMU has been specializing in battery packs, providing services during the whole process of research, design, production, and prefabrication of both small battery sets and complex industrial power systems.


Diverse and Demanding Needs of Battery Design

Apart from those that you can find in a convenience store, batteries that EMU supplies can cater to the needs of demanding and diverse applications, such as alarm systems, armies, banks, stadiums, and telecommunications. Also, EMU designs a wide range of accessories, including battery racks, battery chargers, rectifiers, etc., and even the buildings for the storage of them. Therefore, they attach significance to the design tool.

Figure 1. The demanding applications of EMU batteries

Aspiring to offer satisfying service to their customers, EMU in turn stresses the services provided by the software supplier when selecting a CAD program. “The great customer service provided by SZANSA (a Polish ZWSOFT partner) convinced us to buy and try ZWCAD out. We were very happy with the smooth communication, and that was important to us when choosing a CAD program,” appreciated Przemysław Kujaszewski, a sales engineer of EMU.


The Useful and Powerful ZWCAD Meets All the Requirements

During the trial, they found the functions of ZWCAD familiar, which slashes the time required to train employees who are new to it. In addition to the smooth switch, they also consider that ZWCAD functions are useful and powerful, as Mr. Kujaszewski praised, “When it comes to creating, sending, amending files we have yet to stumble across a problem.”

As regards creating drawings, the handy features of ZWCAD help them simplify the design process. For example, the HATCH function saves them much time annotating or marking objects, like the roofs of the battery storage building. Besides, its Layer Properties Manager makes working on a large number of layers convenient.

After designing, as part of their business operation, they need to outsource some of their workloads. Thanks to the full DWG compatibility of ZWCAD, they have no trouble exchanging all types of CAD files with their suppliers. Once they receive the drawings from the suppliers, they would review and revise them with abundant editing features in ZWCAD. What’s more, to their amazement, the time of opening drawings has reduced drastically by around 20-30%, depending on the drawing size. “Right now, there is nothing that stands in our way when designing. The program works flawlessly,” concluded Mr. Kujaszewski.

Figure 2. Batteries and battery racks designed by EMU (Image courtesy of EMU)


A Brighter Future Powered by ZWCAD

Nowadays, almost all areas of life are related to or even depend on batteries, and people have become more aware of their ecological impact, which emphasizes the safety, reliability, and long service life of the energy source. To meet these challenges, EMU trusts that the huge amount of ZWCAD functions provide them with a unique approach to designing and promise them many other new possibilities. With ZWCAD, they will keep ensuring the functioning of daily life and the continuity of the most important processes in many industries with their high-quality batteries and related products.

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