QTFLUID Advances Hydraulic Systems with ZWCAD and ZW3D

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Established in 2001, QTFLUID is a Shanghai-based enterprise dedicated to the design, R&D, and production of electro-hydraulic control systems, assorted valves, and so on. So far, QTFLUID products have been serving industries such as engineering machinery, sanitation vehicles, oil equipment, and special purpose machines in Europe, Oceania, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

Figure 1. The QTFLUID headquarters


Develop Core Technologies by Innovating R&D and Innovative Tools

“Hydraulic systems are designed to transmit power for different kinds of machines. In other words, hydraulic parts are the media that transmit the kinetic energy from engines or motors to actuators so that linear and rotary motions happen,” explained Mr. Bo Yang, the Vice President at QTFLUID. According to him, technical barriers exist when it comes to high-tech products like hydraulic parts. Therefore, persistent and heavy investments in R&D are essential to achieving breakthroughs.

To yield more technological fruits, QTFLUID keeps not only building its R&D team to advance core technologies, but also introducing cutting-edge engineering software for R&D and design to expedite product design and delivery. Mr. Yang added, “For the hydraulic industry to thrive, huge market demands and powerful engineering software are both indispensable. As ZWSOFT’s solutions steadily mature, we can benefit from their powerful technologies and professional services to better our hydraulic products.” Since 2016, QTFLUID has been applying ZWCAD and ZW3D to their product development workflow.

ZWCAD and ZW3D Meet All the Particular Requirements for Hydraulic System Design

As the main tool for innovative product design, CAD software is required to satisfy the distinct requirements of designing and manufacturing hydraulic systems. At QTFLUID, ZWCAD is applied to generating and editing engineering drawings, while ZW3D is used for product development and modeling, which involves a large number of surfaces.

“When choosing a CAD program, we have two primary concerns: the maturity, functionality, and stability of the software; the customer service and sustainability of the software provider,” said Mr. Bin Ye, IT manager at QTFLUID. According to him, they also need to utilize the APIs of the CAD software so that the generation of innumerable standard drawings becomes automatic and the integration with PDM/PLM and MES systems is feasible to facilitate data management.

Figure 2. Designer at QTFLUID designing with ZWCAD

“With ZWCAD and ZW3D, we manage to accelerate our production process and elevate our design quality. Moreover, with the support of ZWSOFT’s engineers, we developed an application based on the ZWCAD platform to generate drawings for QTFLUID parts automatically. With them, creating a drawing of, let’s say, a multi-way valve, takes only 5-10 minutes now. It is drastically faster than the 30-60 minutes in the past! Apart from the powerful and budget-friendly products, ZWSOFT also provides timely and thoughtful customer service. I believe ZWSOFT can help us and our peer manufacturers innovate products,” Mr. Yang praised.   

Figure 3. Designer at QTFLUID modeling with ZW3D

The common goal of developing core technologies via continuous R&D is what bonds QTFLUID and ZWSOFT together throughout the years. As Mr. Yang concluded, QTFLUID and ZWSOFT will keep working closely to advance hydraulic systems in the future.

(Images courtesy of QTFLUID)

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