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Alfatech Selects ZW3D for Better Wave Solder Pallets in the PCB Industry

Alfatech from Malaysia selects ZW3D to design and manufacture high-quality wave solder pallets and increase competitiveness in the PCB Industry.

2021-10-27 14:38:00 1390

Alfatech from Malaysia selects ZW3D to design and manufacture high-quality wave solder pallets and increase competitiveness in the PCB Industry.

Full Story

Founded in June 1999 at Johor Bahru, the southern tip of Asia, Alfatech Technical Design Sdn Bhd (Alfatech for short) offers a wide variety of products for PCB assembly, board inspection and test operation, among which wave solder pallets are their flagship ones. Although being a modest-sized manufacturer, they have big dreams. So far, they’ve been one of the leading one-stop wave solder pallets providers in Malaysia, and served various multinationals and local manufacturers by providing reliable, value-added solutions for the electronics and PCB industries.

Alfatech’s Big Dreams Need Support

The competition in the niche market of wave solder pallets is fierce. Shortening time-to-market is the key to remain competitive. Therefore, Alfatech needs to significantly improve their productivity. However, they found that the 2D CAD they used to rely on was inefficient and not an ideal choice for product design, so they decided to switch to 3D CAD software.

Figure 1. The wave solder pallets designed and produced by Alfatech

What’s more, it’d be better if the 3D CAD can also support CAM programing because they had to out-source their complex CNC programming tasks, which inevitably affected their efficiency and quality consistency. 

Also, although they have a nice CNC machine supporting up to 3-axis machining, they could only handle 2-axis one, which is a waste. So they were in strong need of proper training. Last but not least, as a SME, they also need to control the cost to survive well. 

To summarize, Alfatech needs an affordable and easy-to-use 3D CAD/CAM solution with rich 3D modeling and CAM functions, and also on-site training courses to help them increase productivity and better meet and even exceed customers’ requirements.

Affordable, Versatile and Supportive -- ZW3D Helps Realize Alfatech’s Big Dreams

Luckily, they finally came across ZW3D, the all-in-one 3D CAD/CAM that fully meets their requirements and increases their productivity.

First, ZW3D takes care of their whole workflow from product design to manufacturing. With its powerful modeling capabilities and abundant modeling features, they can build up models for the wave solder pallets with ease. The advanced assembly functions enable them to flexibly assemble different components and verify the assembly, and the easy-to-use CAM functions prevent them from heavily relying on the outsourcers, accelerating the production process.

Figure 2. Designer from Alfatech is using ZW3D to design

Secondly, with the considerate onboarding courses and professional after-sale technical support, Alfatech’s designers and engineers switched to ZW3D effortlessly. After the 4-day CAD/CAM training, they not only got started quickly with the software and applied it to their design of wave solder pallets, but also could handle 3-axis machining to make full use of their CNC machine. In addition, the lightweight 3D view function allows them to show more persuasive examples to customers and win more deals.

“ZW3D is budget-friendly but doesn’t skimp on performance!”

As Alfatech’s IT manager concluded, "Firstly, ZW3D reaches a high price-performance ratio and makes good use of our limited resources and budget. Secondly, it doesn’t skimp on performance; it has all the tools we need, from designing, modification to machining! And finally, ZWSOFT is very supportive of what we plan to do." In the future, Alfatech and ZW3D will continue to join hands to design and manufacture first-class wave solder pallets for the electronics and PCB industries.