Cast Iron Fitting and Valve Leader JAFAR Builds Success with ZWCAD

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Located in south-eastern Poland, Fabryka Armatur JAFAR S.A. was set up as a small metal production plant in 1953 and has become a leader in the production and sales of ductile iron fittings and valves for potable water, sewage water and gas. The high quality of its products has gained acknowledgment from not only domestic customers, but also foreign end-users. Currently, about 40% of its products are exported to over 30 countries worldwide.

JAFAR is one of few companies in this branch of industry to design and, most of all, manufacture its main products in its own foundries and production plants located in Poland. It has been modernizing its facilities for over a decade, continuing to invest in state-of-the-art equipment for iron machining, water cutting and welding.


Figure 1. JAFAR’s factory


Switching to ZWCAD for Lesser Costs and Same Functionality

An efficient, powerful and budget-friendly CAD solution is important for JAFAR in order to create products of the highest standards and continuously invest in advanced equipment. JAFAR learned of ZWCAD through one of its industry peers, another happy customer of ZWCAD, and has decided to implement it after finding out ZWCAD offers a more affordable price without compromising on functionality. So far, they have used ZWCAD for 10 years.

Sławomir Bonar M.Sc., Engineer from JAFAR, said, “The basic incentive to buy the program was the cost of the application, and its functionality did not differ from the market-leading program that was used by us at that time.”

The 2D drawing features of ZWCAD are what JAFAR uses the most. In JAFAR, ZWCAD is used in the construction department to create technical documentation of manufactured products, and in the production department to create technical documentation and machining programs for CNC machine tools. Also, it is used to design machining equipment, and things about logistics, renovation and construction topics.

Figure 2. Valves made by JAFAR


Efficient in Software Functionality and Technical Support 

Since the very beginning, ZWCAD team has put user experience first so users can get rid of the hassle of going through complex interfaces and focus on what's more important — creating. Users, whether new or experienced, can learn it within days thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Beyond that, ZWCAD offers customizable functions catering to the habits of different users to boost efficiency in their day-to-day work.

“ZWCAD is a very intuitive, simple and easy-to-learn program. The possibility of personalizing the interface significantly speeds up the service,” said Sławomir.

He also added, “The technical support is efficient and comprehensive. They provide timely assistance by email, phone calls, online meeting, or any other ways that help us solve problems quickly.”


Building Success with ZWCAD

In recent years, JAFAR has invested significantly in its modern iron foundry and extension of mechanical works production facilities. A new production hall was created and the existing facility was modernized with the help of ZWCAD. In the future, ZWCAD will continue to play a part in helping JAFAR build a modernized and sustainable factory and fulfill its commitment to its customers.

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