Norden Ship Design House Optimizes Software Budgets with ZWCAD

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Norden Ship Design House, established in 2006 in Turkey, has been a major provider of design, engineering, and consultancy services to ship owners, shipyards, and other marine-related companies, as well as defence, military, and private individuals. Norden's approach has always been to be innovative, cost-effective, and client-oriented. The company has successfully completed over 50 unique new ship designs that cater to specific project requirements.

When Norden first obtained their ZWCAD licenses in 2009, they were among the pioneering companies in Turkey to adopt this software. Their decision was driven by ZWCAD's full compatibility with other CAD programs, flexibility, and an unbeatable price-to-benefit ratio, which ensures many years of productive user experience.

  Part of Norden Ship Design House's service

Figure 1. Part of Norden Ship Design House's service


Familiar Experience: Norden's Swift Adaptation to ZWCAD

ZWCAD delivers an intuitively familiar user experience, remarkably akin to the CAD software previously used by Norden. This similarity ensures a seamless transition for the design team, enabling them to maintain productivity on this new platform.

Emre ÇELİKTEL, Naval Architect & Marine Engineer at Norden Ship Design House, remarked, "Our design team can quickly adapt to ZWCAD because it offers a user experience similar to other CAD software. This allows our processes to proceed smoothly without any loss in our work efficiency."

The compatibility of ZWCAD with various CAD software is another critical element contributing to this seamless transition. Norden can effortlessly work with existing files and projects, eliminating the necessity for time-consuming data conversion or file format modifications.

  Tanker ships designed by Norden Ship Design House

Figure 2. Tanker ships designed by Norden Ship Design House


Cost-Benefit Balance: Norden's Budget Optimization with ZWCAD

With an excellent balance between affordability and functionality, ZWCAD provides a cost-effective solution for designers and engineers. Its perpetual licenses and flexible upgrade options give Norden greater control over its software budget.

With its perpetual license and network licensing feature, ZWCAD emerges as a more economical alternative to other CAD software. Norden can adjust their software usage to align with their business expansion or tailor their licensing arrangements to cater to varying project requirements.

Beyond its friendly licensing policy, ZWCAD also presents flexible and affordable upgrade options for users desiring the latest functionalities. This empowers Norden to augment their software as required and within budget, keeping up with the latest technology without excessive costs.


Shared Vision: Joint Pursuit of Innovation between ZWSOFT and Norden

Norden's core value is to provide innovative solutions for its customers through relentless R&D efforts. Similarly, ZWSOFT empowers its customers with the latest technologies through continuous product enhancements and comprehensive technical support.

ZWSOFT persistently introduces product updates to enhance software performance and refine existing functionalities. In addition, ZWSOFT and its local partner, ETİ BİLGİSAYAR, provide prompt assistance for Norden to tackle specific challenges and requirements. This combination of advanced technology and personalized support helps Norden streamline its design workflow and achieve higher productivity.

By embracing ZWCAD, Norden Ship Design House has accomplished an enhanced design process and a better-controlled budget. This journey has cultivated a reliable business partnership, laying the groundwork for future collaborations. As Norden navigates ahead, ZWCAD will continue to empower Norden to deliver exceptional designs that shape a brighter maritime future.

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