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Importing a part library into ZW3D

By using different standard part libraries during design we can reduce the time by having the models created automatically. This is a great way to improve work efficiency. ZW3D supports several ways to import standard parts.

1. Links to well-known online part libraries,"CadRegister" and "TraceParts", to download standard part for free.

2. Establish a ‘family of parts’ through the customized standard parts of ZW3D, and add to the enterprise or individual parts library for future usage. 

3. ZW3D also provides integrated Partsolution to solve the problem of applying standard parts.

 3.1 Firstly, make sure you have installed Partsolution in your computer and chosen the suitable national standards or enterprise standard.

 3.2 Open the Application Manager and ensure Partsolution is available.

3.3 Select the operation you need. ZW3D allows you to import standard parts and conections parts for assembly. You can also redefine and modify the size, even import and export the variable models to the part library.   

3.4 Select the standard part size from Product catalog.

3.5 Import the standard part to the major model and set the constraints to locate it. 

Summary: The integration of ZW3D Partsolution provides nearly 100 million standard 3D models, comprehensively covering the main authoritative standards:

The library contains the latest 3D model standards of various fasteners, including: fasteners (such as screws, nuts, studs and bolts, gaskets and archives circle, pin and keys, riveting and welding nails, etc), bearings, seal, general lubrication pieces, general asynchronous motor, YZO series motor, YZYZR series motor, variable speed and slow asynchronous motor, isolating explosion asynchronous motors, small power motors, small disc brake motor, dc machines, flange, pipe joint, lifting machinery spare parts, transmission equipment parts, ball joints, insurance valve, aerate stopper... Totally 100 categories and 300sub-categories, with more than 1,500 series parts and nearly 1 million standard models.

You appreciate the ease of of creating standard parts using our part libraries.