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How to optimize ZW3D Machining tactics using Safe Ramp

 Making an efficient CNC program requires not just familiarity with CAD/CAM but also knowledge of real-world machining. This know-how takes into account such things as: cutting tools, machine power, part material and so on. Here is an example to show how ZW3D manages real-world machining.

Safe Ramping Protects Tools from Breakage and Wear

Rough machining often requires an efficient and strong cutting tool as shown in figure 1. Since the tool obviously can’t center-cut we must have strategies for dealing with or eliminating the rest-material (shown here in Figure 2).

   Figure1                                              Figure2

Unless we carefully control the lead-in ramp angle, we risk destroying tools as shown in Figure 3.


ZW3D can help you to avoid this situation as all roughing operations provide a safe ramp option. Selecting Yes in the Safe Ramp option (as shown in figure 4) means that all small area moves that may damage the tool will be removed. Looking at the follow pictures illustrates the differences between Safe Ramp on and Safe Ramp off.