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How to customize your interface of ZW3D

ZW3D has a friendly interface and many strong functions, such as Hybrid Modeling, Mold and Die, Advanced assembly, Point Cloud, and 2-5 axis CAM. ZW3D was created to adapt to you. Different people use different functions more than others, and that is why we made a customizable interface. With ZW3D, you can customize the interface as you like, and set short cut keys to make designing even easier.

 1. To begin customization, click Customize… under the pull down menu in User.

2. Click New to create a new toolbar and give it a name.


3. With the left-mouse button, select the commands you wish to use. Next, you will see a new toolbar displayed in the ZW3D interface as shown below.


You can also delete unwanted commands as shown below.

 4. Set the shortcut key of the command. First, select a command to get some information such as Label, Command name and Hint. Then click Keyboard Map to set the parameters.

Second, set a unique key for each command through the keyboard, then a new record is listed in the table, such as Ctrl+6. 

(Note: For the moment, the formats of keys are limited to Ctrl+Number/Letter/Function Key, Ctrl+Shift/Alt+ Number/Letter/Function Key, such as Ctrl + 2/H/F2, Ctrl+ Shift/Alt +6/M/F8).

Third, type !FtFlltConst2 command name in blank area. You can copy and paste the command name from the previous table.

5. Now the new toolbar has been created and it is also listed in User pull-down menu. You can try the shortcut keys to use these special commands.

ZW3D has a friendly interface, and it also allow you to customize the interface to meet your

needs. It is just a simple function, but can be very useful and convenient for you.