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Personalize Designs with Logo Engraving from ZW3D

One of the many challenges in machining has always been to engrave text or a company logo on a part. Most CAD/CAM software can easily create a part number on a flat area using a stick font.  But the problem is that the customer may require you to use a Windows True Type Font and engrave this on a non-planar surface.  You may need to add a logo to a design. This can be a daunting task.  For many systems converting a jpg image into machine-able lines and arcs or solids is simply not in the tool kit, so your only option is to buy an expensive add-on or re-draw the logo by hand.

ZW3D has great tools for importing images into 2D sketches.  ZW3D automatically extracts 2D curves and will build a small set of lines, arcs and curves rather than make a thousand little line segments.  This sketch can readily be used like any other sketch to create a cutout, boss or inlay on any part surface.  True-type fonts are a snap as well.  You can use ReadySketch™ to make machine-able text using any True-type font.  The really cool part is that you can flow the text along any 2D curve and quickly wrap it onto any surface, even a sphere.

With ZW3D All-in-one affordable CAD/CAM you can personalize jobs with confidence.  This beer tapper shows engraving stroke fonts, true type fonts and logos, using 3 Axis and 5 Axis machining techniques to meet customer’s requirements.

After programming a part like this in ZW3D you can simply reuse the tool path for your next job.  This template will contain the tool path strategies of exactly how you originally programmed the parts. ZW3D lets you use it as is or modified it - your choice.

You can be assured that by using ZW3D that you will have the confidence to know you can any custom job.  One solution, ZW3D, to import, personalize and manufacture your designs.