Rest-roughing Becomes Easier with ZW3D’s CAM Function

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Rest-roughing Becomes Easier with ZW3D’s CAM Function


With a traditional programming method, defining of the rest-roughing range is very difficult. In general, we have to define the rest-roughing range combine with the depth definition for machining the rest material left after the first roughing operation.  As shown in figure 1.




Figure 1


With this method, programmers have to estimate the range of the allowance based on their experience, and then define the specific machining area for them. This is quite complicated and programmers need a lot of time for the definition. Furthermore, it is easy to miss some machining areas or create unnecessary tool-paths.


Now, with the help of ZW3D CAD/CAM software, we can easily get the key, as shown in figure 2.

Here is a simple example to show how ZW3D works.



Figure 2



For the part, there are several curved surfaces. Supposes we use the 10mm flat endmill for the first operation, then we will need to select 6mm ball endmill for the rest roughing operation. If we use the first method described to define the rest roughing ranges, it would be very difficult and take a lot of time.


However, in the ZW3D CAD/CAM, there is a Ref-Op function. Shown in figure 3, you need to first click the Ref-Op button and then select the first rough operation. This means that the current operation will refer to the first rough operation and it will only cut the “rest” of the material left from the 10mm flat endmill. As shown in figure 4.




Figure 3




Figure 4



With this operation, ZW3D reduces programming time, because it can automatically detect the rest roughing areas on simple processes. In addition, it will cut machining time, because it creates accurate tool-paths and cuts the rest material from the referred operation.


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