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Tips: 3D Model Display Effects

During the design process, various different model display effects are required to make it easier to draw or check. Many parameter setting and tips are introduced in this article.


1.       How to transfer different display models forwhole parts or assembly?


From the document aware toolbar, designers can select the required display model. For the wildly used shade and wireframe models, you can quickly switch between them using Ctrl+F.


Figure 1: Different display models


2.       How to set a model with different face colors and edge attributes?


Select the faces or shapes, and then right click to change the face attribute.

In visual manager->Edge-> Shaded Edge, an edges color and thickness can be modified.


Figure 2: Face &edge attribute setting


3.       How to quickly identify open edges?


For a complex part, especially with imported models, it will be better for designers to quickly identify open edges from the visual models. In ZW3D, it is easy. Simply set the suitable parameters of open edges in visual manager shown in Figure 3.


Figure 3: Open edges display


4.       Is it possible to change the highlight display?


To clearly distinguish the selected geometry, ZW3D provides two different highlight modes: color and texture. In configuration dialog-> display tab, you can set it as you prefer.


With color model, the color of the highlight and pre-highlight can be customized in the color tab.


Figure 4: Highlight display


5.       How to control different display models for different components in an assembly?


In a complex assembly, to clearly identify hidden components, a more flexible display is required. Right click on any component, and you can set the suitable display type from the right menu. Shade, wireframe, hidden line, analysis and transparent types are available.


Figure 5: Different display of components in an assembly


6.       How to apply different textures to a model?


ZW3D provides a number of different metal textures. For some consumer products, designers can use an image as the texture map to apply the face of parts.


Figure 6: Texture display


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Many tips of 3D model display effect are introduced.Quickly switch betweenshade and wireframe models using Ctrl+F. It’s easy to change the edges attribute in visual manager. In configuration dialog, many display parameters can be set, including highlight model. A number of different textures are provided in ZW3D.


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