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ZW3D CAD Tips:Encapsulate and Record State

ZW3D provides a flexible modeling method: Parametric Design and Direct Edit. For a native 3D model, modeling history is an important part. It records not only the idea in the design process, but also ensures the retroactive property of the design process. It’s easy to edit this feature by redefining the operations.

In this article, Encapsulate and Record state are introduced, and are located in the right menu of the history manager, as show in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Right menu of history manager

History encapsulation

During a collaborative design process, data encapsulation requirement is needed to ensureconfidentiality, or because designers don’t want to share their design ideas with others. The encapsulate feature in the right menu of history manager can meet this request.

Use the Encapsulate command to delete all history of the active part and create one feature named StartData. After that, you will lose the parametric associated with the compressed data.

    Figure 2: Encapsulate histories

    Record State

    Use this command to perform an incremental backup of historically-generated objects.

    (1)  One of the most important functions is to speed up history regeneration.  When a State Feature is inserted into a part's history, all data generated to that point is recorded to the feature.

    In a very complex part, if you insert some state features in suitable positions, the time taken for history regeneration will be greatly reduced. Also, whilst playing the history, designers can go directly to next /previous state without moving one by one.


    Figure 3: Replay the history by the state features

    (2) In addition, Part State Features are also used during the Insert View Layout and Insert Standard View commands in 2D sheet to create a view based on the state of the part where the State Feature is located. Specifically, it is very useful for sheet metal views. Let’s take the following case as an example.


    Figure 4: State features in history manager

    Figure 5: State features used in 2D sheet

    During the design, these tools will be hugely helpful for various special requests. Design work becomes more flexible and convenient.


    Short Description

    Many useful tools are provided in the right menu of history manger, such as encapsulate, record state and history folder. Use the encapsulate feature to compress the design process. Use the state features to speed up history regeneration, as well as for creating different views with different states.


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