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Happy CADing with ZW3D: How to Design a Bati Maker

Author: Ajay agrawal


This article shows how to design a Bati maker (Indian dish), teaching you to make awesome Bati without any hassle with ZW3D step by step. It can also be used for many different purposes.


In the contest, the author designed different entries including Bati Maker and Icing Injection. Next, the author is going to show you how to design a Bati (Indian dish) maker.



Step 1:

1)      Click 'Insert Sketch' from the Shape tab, select the XZ plane as the reference plane and draw a sketch just like the one shown in Fig. 1.



Fig. 1


2)      Exit the sketch panel to revolve this sketch.

3)      While revolving, set revolving axis-z and give outer thickness of 1.8mm (as shown in Fig. 2).



Fig. 2


Step 2:


1)      Use “Toroidal Bend” from Shape. Set value as shown in Fig. 3. Give tube radius 1000 and ring angle 14.84417. In setting option select “minimize surface data”. This will give a very good shape to Bati maker.


Fig. 3


2)      Now again insert sketch, give dimension according to Fig. 4.



Fig. 4


3)      Use revolve cut refer Fig. 5. Use Boolean option to remove and select your base body.



Fig. 5


Step 3:

1)  Insert one plane with tangent to base surface (Fig. 6).



Fig. 6


2)  Provide draft with reference to this plane (Fig. 7).



Fig. 7


3)  Now add some basic fillets to Sharpe edges as Fig. 8 shown.



Fig. 8

Step 4:

1)  Insert new sketch on XY plane and draw a circle of R5 with distance of 80mm from the base (Fig. 9).



Fig. 9

2)  Extrude this sketch as shown in fig. 10.



Fig. 10


3)  Pattern it with circular option and from setting select base body in Boolean (Fig. 11).



Fig. 11


4)  Now use combine command from shape and remove this extruded body from base body. (Fig. 12).


Fig. 12


5)  Insert cylinder of R5 length 110 at given X,Y,Z location(fig. 13).



Fig. 13


Step 5:

1)Use Toroidal command with 50 tube radius and 200 outer radius(Fig. 14).  


Fig. 14


2)Circular pattern it with reference of Z axis with number 03(Fig. 15).


Fig. 15


2)Now combine it with base model refer Fig. 16.


Fig. 16


Step 6:

1)      Inset sketch on YZ plane and dimension it as shown in Fig. 17.


Fig. 17


2)      Revolve it with Z-axis with cut option (Fig. 18).


Fig. 18


3)      Repeat same process for next two steps(refer Fig. 19,20,21,22,23,24).



Step 7: Add required fillet to the Sharpe edges and render it with keyshot.



Step 8:

1)      Click 'Insert Sketch' from the Shape tab, select the XZ plane as the reference plane and draw a sketch just like the one shown in Fig. 27.


Fig. 27


2)      Revolve it with Z-axis (Fig. 28).


Fig. 28


Step 9:

1)      Insert sphere at location shown in Fig. 29.


Fig. 29


2)      Use circular pattern with reference of Z-axis (Fig. 30).


Fig. 30


Step 10:

1)      Use combine option to add sphere (Fig. 31).


Fig. 31


2)      Pattern it again with reference to Z-axis (Fig. 32).


Fig. 32


Step 11: Insert one cylinder of R7.3 and length 26.3 on same location as shown in Fig. 33.


Fig. 33


Step 12: Provide taper with same constraints as shown in Fig. 34.


Fig. 34


Step 13: Insert sphere of R11.5 at X-0, Y-0, Z-27.1639 (Fig. 35).


Fig. 35


Step 14: Combine both parts with base feature (Fig. 36).


Fig. 36


Step 15: Use fillet at Sharpe edges and render it with Keyshot



Step 16:

1)      Insert sketch as shown in Fig. 39 using XZ plane.


Fig. 39


2)      Revolve it using Z-axis (Fig. 40).


Fig. 40


Step 17: Insert cylinder with R10 and length of 27 in reverse side (Fig. 41).


Fig. 41


Step 18: Insert sphere with R18.4 and use add Boolean command with cylinder (Fig. 42).


Fig. 42


Step 19: Use combine option to add both in base model (Fig. 43).


Fig. 43


Step 20:

1)      Insert sketch on YZ plane as shown in Fig. 44.


Fig. 44


2)      Extrude it with remove command (Fig. 45).


Fig. 45


Step 21:

1)      Insert cylinder with R3 and location would be as same as shown in Fig. 46.


Fig. 46


2)      Give R2 fillet at top face of it (Fig. 47).


Fig. 47


Step 22: Insert cylinder again at same location as shown in Fig. 48 and remove it from the base.


Fig. 48



Step 23: Provide required fillet at Sharpe edges and your Bati maker is ready. Render it with keyshot.  


Fig. 49


Fig. 50


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