The application of ZW3D in lock industry

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The application of ZW3D in lock industry

Nowadays, 3D CAD design is widely-applied in various industries, like equipment manufacturing, automotive, mould making, electronics, etc. The lock industry is a traditional one. To catch up with the trend, most small and medium-sized companies are diving into the upgrade and transformation of their products. Leveraging 2D design data when upgrading to 3D CAD platforms is a key to their business. They need a solution to deal with this problem fast and efficiently.


Figure1: Convert 2D data to 3D model with ZW3D


There are 3 situations during the manufacture of lock.

Firstly, the worker models a lock according to the picture providing by client.

Secondly, the worker models a lock by measuring an entity.

Thirdly, the worker models a lock using the 2D drawing data.


In any situation, efficiency is emphasized, especially the third one. If we can make good use of 2D drawings, the time consumed in designing 3D model will be saved, which will bring shorter lead time. ZW3D CAD/CAM has powerful modeling capabilities and seamless data interoperability with other design platforms, either 2D or 3D ones. Now, let’s witness its power.


2D drawings provided by customers (such as in Fig.2 ) can be imported into ZW3D directly.


Figure2: the 2D drawing provided by the client


Step 1: set up a new document in ZW3D, and input the DWG file that provide by client. If you want to make the management of 2D drawings more convenient, you can open or frozen the layers through the layer manager of ZW3D.


Figure3:Layer manager of ZW3D


Step 2: In addition to manage the layer of the 2D drawing, you can also rotate the drawing to make the corresponding view in the correct position, as is shown in figure 4.


Figure4: 2D drawing in ZW3D


Step 3:Extrude the outline that you need with “Extrude” feature, and then cut down the redundant part using “Boolean” operation. After that, you’ll get the final model, as is shown in figure 5.


Figure5: the procedures of drawing the lock according to the 2D drawing provided by client


2D CAD data is very important in designing 3D models. It enables us to build the 3D model with more convenience, intelligence and efficiency, which can save time and avoid data loss.


When comparing with other 3D CAD, ZW3D is more convenient for its simple operations. In addition to its perfect performance in inputting 2D data, ZW3D is integrated with CAM module, which enables engineers to machine, analyze, assembly and manufacture product. Besides, it can avoid the fail to generate model when the parts of the model are changed. What’s more, ZW3D can open plenty of files generated from other software, such as UG and Catia. As an expert solution provider, ZW3D has helped many company figure out their all-in-one CAD.CAM solution.

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