Happy CADing with ZW3D: Design a High Heel

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Happy CADing with ZW3D: Design a High Heel

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, many young ladies are dressing as hot as the weather. A high heel will let the young lady get more amorous feelings. So how about designing a unique high heel as a summer holiday gift to you lover. If you have interests in this, just follow me, I will tell you how to use ZW3D to design a high heel step by step.


To design a high heel, we divide the whole process in 4 parts: sole, heel, vamp and shoe flower.



Part 1: Design the Sole

1.1, Create a new file and draw a sketch as below on XY plane. Here I use to draw the sketch, it is easy to adjust the shape and get a smooth curve.




1.2, Use the sketch to extrude a 70 mm high solid with a 5 degree draft.




1.3, Go to XZ plane and draw the silhouette of sole.




1.4, Then, extrude the sketch with an intersect Boolean option. After that, you will get a wonderful sole.



1.5, Add 0.5 fillet along the edge to get a good appearance.



Until now, we have finished the sole design.



Part 2: Design the Heel

When I design the heel, I prefer to use to deal with it. Firstly, please draw the out silhouette as the picture below.



2.1 Go to XY plane and create a new sketch. Project the inner fillet edge to the sketch, and “Unlink it”. (It is an important step, otherwise we cannot trim the project line in the next step.) Then draw line and trim it as below:



2.2, Project the sketch to the bottom face of the sole. (Note: set the project direction as Z axis)



2.3 Create 2 plane by offset the XY plane with distance 35 and 70. And draw the sketch heel 2 and heel 3 as below.




2.4 Use 3 point plane to create a new plane and draw a sketch



2.4 Create the rest silhouette edge by wireframe command , and we get this.



2.5, Use curve mesh and set as below to get a mesh surface.




2.6 Create the upper and bottom face of the heel, let it became a solid.

2.7 Go to XZ plane, draw a sketch to cut the heel which will let the heel seems to more fashion 




Part 3: Design the Vamp


The vamp have a complex shape, it not easy to use the fundamental solid function to make. Here we also useto make the surface of vamp, and then give a thickness to vamp.



3.1 Go to XY plane and draw a vamp edge sketch.



3.2, Go to XZ plane, draw a sketch where the vamp edge will be on the suface.



3.3, Use the sketch we just draw in the step 3.2 to extrude a surface, and the size should be bigger than the vamp edge.



3.4 Project the vamp edge to the surface, get a 3D vamp edge curve 



3.5 Create a new plane though the curvature center of toe cap, front and back vamp edge ,then draw the silhouette curve of the vamp in the plane.



3.6, Create some more plane and draw the other silhouette curve. The more silhouette curve you draw, the vamp shape will became more similar the one you expected.



3.7 Use the curve mesh to produce the vamp surface.



3.8 Use shell command to give the vamp surface a 1mm thickness, and the vamp design is done.




Part 4: Design the Shoe Flower


I think a proper shoe flower will make the shoe became more charming.


4.1 Go to YZ plane and a sketch as below. To let you understand more clearly about the shape, I give the upper shape and lower shape with difference color.



4.2, Extrude the sketch with a proper distance.



4.3. Draw a sketch to cut the upper part of the shoe flower.



4.4 Draw a sketch to cut the lower part of the shoe flower.



4.5 Move the upper shoe flower to a proper position.




4.6 Create a bundle to bundle the upper and lower part shoe flower as a whole one



4.7 Move the shoe flower to a proper position and mirror a right foot shoe. Then we finish the high heel design.



You also can use the render software like keyshot which is a add on of ZW3D to render it.



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