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Installation & Activation

1. Stand-Alone User

After installing ZW3D, activate the license through the “License Manager” from the Windows Start menu ‘Start>All Programs>ZWSOFT>ZW3D 2019>License Manager’. (Select files based on your version)

2.Network User

a) Server

  • Activate the license in the server after installing “License Manager” on the server.

  • Configure the server with the step-by-step instruction from the built-in ZW3D Help file.

b) Workstation

  • Run the “License Manager” from the Windows Start menu ‘Start> All Programs>ZWSOFT>ZW3D 2019>LicenseManager’.

  • Add the Soft Key license by inputting the IP address of the server which owns the ZW3D license.

3- 2018 Floating license.jpg

Trial version

If you are using the ZW3D trial version, you could try all the CAD/CAM functionalities except for 4-5X milling. But after 30 days, the open, save, print, import, export and post-process functions will be disabled.