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Shade Plot in ZWCAD 2010 Beta

Functions & Commands 2009-02-07 18:49:00 719


Absolutely, it’s a great experience when you get the new version of a program, and then you come across an improvement for which you have been waiting for some time. In my case, it was a feature that I had asked the ZWCAD technical team to add: Shade Plot. I dare say that many of you might not know about this option in ZWCAD, because Shade Plot just a tiny item hidden in the context menu of viewport entities.
As CAD user, we are always needing to communicate our ideas with others. For instance, we need to show the model in perspective and in realistic display modes to production line workers. If you wanted to generate a plot of the model using different display modes in earlier releases of ZWCAD, you had no choice but to admit your inability with good grace. Not being able to assign plot properties to viewports meant you had to print each display mode on a separate sheet of paper. Now, however, you can plot multiple modes on one sheet of paper by using viewports.
To control the plotted appearance of your model, you can now assign hidden and wireframe properties to viewports. To set the Hidden Plot property, follow these steps:
1.Switch to paper space.
2.Left-click a viewport to select it.
3.Right-click, and then select Shade plot > Hidden from the context menu.
4.Select one of the two options, Hidden or Wireframe, to force the viewport to plot using a specific shade mode, regardless of the current display.
5.Repeat for the other viewports.
If you want to plot the model in rendered mode, you can redirect the output of the Render command to a file, such as BMP, TIF, JPG, or PNG, and then print the image using another application.

I suggest you try this plotshade mode yourself. As the famous advertisement says, just do it!

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