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Insert DWG to Word in ZWCAD

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ZWCAD is powerful 2D CAD software that helps you to get all the 2D design done. Beyond that, ZWCAD needs to interact with other software like Office, Photoshop, and it provides many ways to do this.  Take Microsoft Office Word as example, it can’t get complicated drawings done. But ZWCAD could save your time in drawing. Compare to Word, ZWCAD has much more powerful drafting functionalities such as creating and editing 2D geometric objects, dimensioning, 3D solid modeling. You can directly use ZWCAD to finish your 2D design, then import it into your Word files.

If you want to import DWG in MS Word from ZWCAD, you can directly open the drawing, select the objects you want, press Control+C, then enter Word, and paste it. The dialogue box will let you select:


 CAD Tutorial 

There are three types of pastes, “ZWCAD Drawing Object”, “Picture (Windows Metafile)”, “Picture (Enhanced Metafile)”, the effects vary from different type, check the preview samples below:


  CAD Tutorial  

The most important thing here, if we paste it as ZWCAD Drawing format, it allows you to edit it via double click it. The two formats behind are the same to Word, there no particular difference between them.


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