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Mtext Editing Function for CAD Design in ZWCAD

Functions & Commands 2012-07-12 14:54:14 1370

 Text editing is a very important part of CAD design. Many CAD designers are very care about how to make word editing more convenient, because in every drawing, word is necessary component. The word processing has been greatly improved in ZWCAD 2010 compared with ZWCAD 2009, making view of words in the drawing WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). Also, there’s improvement toIn-place MText editing dialog box, which is much more convenient for designers. Now let’s have a look at the comparison of word processing between ZWCAD 2009 and ZWCAD 2010 as follows.


 CAD design, text CAD

MText editing in ZWCAD 2009


 CAD Design, text CAD

In-place MText editing in ZWCAD 2010


Form the above picture, we can intuitively find the change of the MText editor. In ZWCAD 2010, the functions of the tool bar has been expanded, which is convenient for designers to pick up frequently used functions. In terms of text display and final effect, in ZWCAD 2009, not until click “ok” button of word editing box will the display range of text change as expected. While in ZWCAD 2010,what the texts will be is shown in the editing dialog boxThis is WYSISWYG—what you see is what you get.


Single line test also has improvement in ZWCAD 2010.  It adopts the WYSISWYG view as MText. You can see the comparison as follows:



CAD Design, Text CAD

Single line text editing in ZWCAD 2009



CAD design, Text CAD 

Single line text editing in ZWCAD 2010


For Single line text, WYSISWYG enables designers to see the final result of word editing very straightforward. It is much more efficient and flexible.


However, maybe some designer doesn’t get use to the new In-place MText editor and want to go back to the former MText editor. This is so easy, ZWCAD 2010 provide a convenient way to switch between In-place MText editor and former MText editor, just input command mtexted in the command line, and then input old editor. To switch back to In-place MText editor, just input command mtexted in the command line, and then input . (the punctuation ‘period’) .


There are still lots of improvements in ZWCAD 2010. What I am introducing is just a tip of the iceberg. For more amazes, please check them out in the CAD software.


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