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How to Draw a Cone with Round Top and Square Bottom

Functions & Commands 2012-07-23 17:05:19 1267

Many CAD users may be very familiar with the object—cone with round top and square bottom. Here I would like to explain to some of CAD beginners what this is and how to draw it. First of all, this special cone is often used as a transition part to join together square and circle pipeline. Next I will use ZWCAD and ZW3D to draw this object.


      1. Draw the following graph and adopt the isometric view to finish the rest of operation.




      2.  Lift the circle inside the square for certain height in the direction of Z axis




     3. Use the command Loft and the following graph will be gernerated.




    4. Solid edit the graph and then color it

Execute the command of Solidedit and choose the 3d oject. When there’s reminder that the 3 surfaces are found, hit on the ENTER button and type in “a”, choose the outside surface you would like to keep as noted below.






With the above steps, we have finished the drawing of a cone with round top and square bottom in ZWCAD.


B: ZW3D is very cost-effective CAD/CAM software. In ZW3D, we can use the same steps as above (sketch—loft—solidedit). But it is somewhat difficult to unfold this model through above drawing steps as generally speaking sheet metal will always be unfolded for measurement. When outside contour only has one surface we can use Unfold Surface in Curved Surface to achieve it, while when there are 8 surfaces in the outside contour, regardless of the thickness, we will not be able to find the way to unfold the object.




Users can choose either ZWCAD or ZW3D to draw this object. The two CAD software will both meet your needs.


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