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Stand-alone Installation

Installation & Activation 2019-01-23 14:56:00 217


    Stand-alone license users can directly install ZWCAD 2019 English on a computer and can obtain a stand-alone license with an activation ID or a dongle.


    The ZWCAD 2019 Setup Wizard page will pop up automatically after you insert the CD into your computer, or double click the Setup.exe in your CD folder.

    Select to install version of English - 32bit or Eglish - 64bit ZWCAD product based on your system type.

    Do the following actions on the installation interface:


        a.Check ZWCAD 2019;

        b.Specify the installation location for ZWCAD. Use the default path, or click Browse to choose another;

        c.Select I accept the terms in the license agreement box after carefully reading the license agreement.

        d.Click Install to start installing.

        e.The ZWCAD 2019 is installed successfully. Please select your preferable UI styles, and then click Finish to exit the setup wizard.


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