Korean Startup THE WAVE TALK

- ZW3D and ZWCAD have run through the whole process from designing at the beginning to delivering at the end.

ZW3D and ZWCAD can make annotations and adjustments easily on the exported 2D drawings to specify production details.

- ZW3D and ZWCAD can make their drawings clearer, simpler and more adaptable to the actual production use and the industry manufacturing practices.



The great ambition of THE WAVE TALK is in dire need of a professional and complete CAD solution to give them a strong push. Fortunately, ZWSOFT is there to help.





With the detecting module done, it is necessary to ensure that it performs well in pracetice. So the virtual production environment is built for simulating the real operating conditions as well in ZW3D.


When they want to modify or improve their design afterwards, it’s also easy since the design in ZW3D supports both History Tree and Direct Edit, making the changes of design a piece of cake and ensuring that they can keep advancing forward without concerning about historical issues.





This action not only aims at encouraging and supporting startups in various fields for their better growth and development, but also hopes that the innovations of THE WAVE TALK can greatly promote the global food security.

-- Truman Du, CEO of ZWSOFT

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