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Newport Tool and Die

Newport Tool and Die was founded in 1951 by two machinists in the basement of a restaurant.

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Newport Tool and Die was founded in 1951 and its primary business is making metal injection molds, which range in size from 1,500 pounds to 14,000 pounds. Being a regular mold making suppliers of Stanley Works, Newport Tool wanted a 3D CAD/CAM solution that would continue to help them save their customers money and would also complement their core mold making business. While the cost of the software was one consideration in keeping costs down, the company also had to consider the overall cost of the CAD solution, which included the hardware platform for running the software, the cost of training their personnel to use the software and the cost of interfacing with their CAM software. 





Project like creating new molds, might have taken three weeks or longer to complete before. But ZW3D significantly help Newport cut turnaround times, and the design work and documentation are accomplished in six days and generating the NC code is done in a half-day. Plus, the learning curve os short, and an added benefit is that it’s actually fun to use, if you can imagine a CAD system as being fun.  





"With ZW3D we get 3D design, moldmaking and CNC machining in one package."


— Newport Tool & Die


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