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NTR, Europe’s leading specialist in the repair of pocketed cutting...

2018-07-06 16:28:00 1300

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To produce more delicate tooling, NTR needed a 5-Axis CNC software to operate their newly introduced 5-Axis machining.





With ZW3D CAD/CAM, NTR can design and machining tools with single or multiple pockets to meet diversified tooling requirements.


In terms of designing, ZW3D accelerates the whole process with its flexible modeling tools.


As for machining, ZW3D’s CAM module offers numerous features to empower smart CNC with drive curve to generate 5X tool path.


The embedded file translator helps to save reprogramming time and reducing communicating costs.





“It helps to easily draw sketches on different planes, create different angles in our product and identify the diversified pockets dimensions and positions as required.”


——said Sam Wood, a Development Engineer in NTR.