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  • One of the commonly encountered problems is that the linetypes provided by CAD software can’t satisfy various demands in CAD Design. In order to make the design work easier, I will talk about how to create custom linetype in ZWCAD
  • Many CAD users may be very familiar with the object—cone with round top and square bottom. Here I would like to explain to some of CAD beginners what this is and how to draw it.
  • In ZWCAD, polar tracking limits cursor to specified angles. It allows cursor movement to increments along a user...
  • The Hatchcommand is one of the most commonly used drawing commands in CAD software. It’s particularly used in mechanical, construction, and decorative design. Take ZWCAD for instance, I’ll introduce some useful tips about the Hatch command.
  • Former AutoCAD® users are very familiar with paper space, also known as "layouts": white sheets of "paper" lo...
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