Upgraded CAD

Improvements to ZW3D 2014 cover every aspect of ZW3D’s CAD functions, bringing you an upgraded, versatile CAD solution to speed up your design process and intuitively realize your ideas.

Batman Vehicle

Import & Export

The brand new integrated translator offers excellent data exchange. It speeds up the design cooperation and eliminates the barrier of data communication.

● Enhanced data import from Catia V4/5/6, NX, Creo, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Inventor and ACIS.

● Support to save Z3 files to Catia V4/5.


Feature Management

● Makes viewing, editing and revision easier than ever.

● Greatly reduces the history regeneration time and prevents any unexpected model changes.

Batman Vehicle

History Manager and Assembly Manager

● History manager records the modeling process, excluding attribute/layer/blank/unblank related operations, equation & variable settings, point cloud operations, and insert/move/mirror component operations, resulting in faster history regeneration

● Assembly operations can be performed in assembly manager, making the management of assemblies easier.



● New added image insert allows you to decorate the drawing

● Upgraded reference to support the time stamp, and make it easier to manage complex part design

Part Configuration

Part Configuration

● In 2D sheet or in assembly, any configuration can be activated to easily create your part family and meet all your needs.

● Suppress the features.

● Modify feature dimension

● Set different part configuration for different views in one sheet.

● Activate different part configuration for an inserted component.


Assembly Design

● New “Multi-insert” support part insertions from different files, which allows for the quick arrangement of the multiple part to insert to the assembly in one step.

● Enhanced pattern allows you to generate the part or component in one step.



● Viewing improvements and convenient dimension

● Drag-drop segments of section line, base point and corner point to any position.

● Quickly add a new step or change projection direction from the right-click menu.

● Any element of a dimension can be dragged to redefine.

In-place Editable Table

In-place Editable Table

In-place Editable Table is now more efficient to work like excel. What you see is what you get!

● Fast to add or delete the Row/ Column.

● Change the column property, table is updated in real-time.

● Modify BOM table, part attribute can be synchronized.

Flex Tools

Flex Tools

Flex tools are useful for deformation design. With intuitive tools, designer can quickly modify complex models for many different applications including concept design, product design, industrial design, and so on. Solid shape and surface both are supported.

ZW3D, an integrated CAD/CAM solution designed for the complete product development process, including:

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